Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Atom Chinooks defeat Cardston Thunder

Josh Davis

On Sunday October 26 Pincher Creek’s Atom Chinooks hockey team faced Cardston’s Thunder at the MCC Arena in Pincher Creek. The Thunder held their own in the first period, but were outplayed in the second and third periods. The Chinooks won this seeding round game 9-3.

Thunder #4 Rodie Pickens scored the first goal of the game unassisted, just over a minute in. However, the Chinooks caught up with 14:31 on the clock, when #12 Jayden Draper scored his own unassisted goal. Pickens put another one into the net for the Thunder halfway through the first period. The Chinooks caught them up again when #4 Drew Stuckey scored his own goal less than a minute later, assisted by Draper. The Chinooks took a two minute penalty for tripping shortly after this. At the very end of the first period Draper scored two goals in succession, putting the Chinooks in the lead 4-2.

The Thunder hadn’t quite finished yet, and with 13:58 left on the clock #5 Treycen Harty scored for them. The Thunder continued making shots on net, but Chinooks goaltender #26 Zach Hann made the saves. Draper scored his fourth goal of the game unassisted, strengthening the Chinooks lead. The Thunder faced their own two minute penalty in the second period for tripping. #23 Josie Waterchief scored the Chinooks final goal of the period, assisted by #24 Mayz Vance.

The Chinooks scored three goals in the third period, all unassisted. Stuckey made his second goal of the game, #14 Travis Bastien made his first, and #16 Aiden Potts scored the final goal of the game. From that point on, the Chinooks successfully defended their lead. The Thunder faced a two minute slashing penalty in this period.

Chinooks Head Coach Sean Stuckey said he is working with a lot of new players this season. “Most of the kids are coming up from Novice to Atom, so we have four returning, and the rest are all new. Big changes.” Stuckey said he is happy with the team’s performance against the Thunder. “They listen well. We’ve got lots of positional play to work on, but everything that I’ve asked them to do they’re trying, so I’m very happy.” Stuckey took a moment to explain the Chinooks' sluggish start. “I think lots of them had sleepovers last night, and might’ve been tired. I heard of a few. But as the game went on they seemed to wake up.”

“I just like a team that is willing to listen and learn. They all seem to get along, and there’s nobody fighting. They’re just a great group of kids.”

The Atom Chinooks are next scheduled to play the Crowsnest Pass Thunder at the Crowsnest Sports Complex in Coleman on Saturday October 31 at 12 noon for another seeding round game.

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