Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Bantam Mustangs host McCoy Colts

Colt Haedyn Davies with the ball
Evan Mahli photo
Josh Davis

On Saturday October 17 the Bantam Mustangs took to the field against the McCoy Colts. This is a learning season for the Bantam Mustangs, whose team roster is largely composed on fresh players building experience. The Mustangs faced a wide margin loss against the Colts, but showed drastic improvement throughout the game, and made the end zone twice.

Mustang Conner Ney making a run for it
Evan Mahli photo
The Mustangs made it over half way through the first quarter before #49 Izaya Vaness of the Colts earned the first touchdown of the game. The Mustangs offense was having trouble making yardage, but their defense did make a good interception shortly following the touchdown. It was the third down and 19 when the Mustangs took the option to punt, and the Colts regained possession at the 40 yard line. However, Colt #20 Tristin Hill broke through the outside and earned the Colts their second touchdown. The Colts kick team then regained possession off of a short punt. The Mustangs suffered an offside penalty, pushing them back within range for Vaness to get his second touchdown of the game. #10 Chayce Davies, quarterback for the Colts, attempted a two-point conversion, but was stopped. It wasn’t all looking bad for the Bantam Mustangs in the first quarter however. #16 Conner Ney got the ball on the kick, running it over twenty yards to the 38. #11 Grace Kirkness gained some yardage on the second down, but was stopped one yard short when she attempted it again. Davies made a long pass on the 45 yard line to Hill, who earned his second touchdown of the game. The first quarter ended third down and 5, on the 35.

Mustang Grace Kirkness running the ball
The Mustangs defence was looking stronger than its offence, and was consistently stopping short plays. However, they were having trouble defending against long passes, and runs on the outside. Though they quickly lost possession, the Mustangs stalled the Colts out at the very beginning of the second quarter, regaining it on the 40. The Mustangs missed a pass opportunity, and the Hill of the Colts took the opportunity to get his third touchdown of the game. The Colts immediately regained possession of the ball off of a long kick; it was clear that the Mustangs offence was getting defeated by ball handling mistakes. The Mustangs were seemed demoralized when Colt #33 Adrian Smith earned his first touchdown of the game. They looked very different in the first quarter before the Colts touchdown, and much later when they did their best and started having fun. Colt #99 Noah Dolter successfully completed a one-point conversion following their touchdown. Mustang #12 Walker Jones got the ball on the kick, and ran it all the way to the 33. Kirkness then made two successful passing plays with Jones, gaining the Mustangs a significant yardage. Kirkness was stopped short when she attempted to run the ball herself however, and on the third down chose to punt. These plays and a holding penalty had pushed the Colts all the way back to their own end zone. #31 Thomas Davey of the Colts earned himself an incredible touchdown, running all the way down the field on the inside. Halftime followed shortly after.

Hunter Austring making a catch
Evan Mahli photo
Davies got the Colts another touchdown at the start of the third quarter, right from the kick-off. The Mustangs regained possession on the 41, first down. After the Mustangs regained possession, Kirkness threw the ball to Ney, who took the Mustangs from the 41 on their side to the 40, nearly a 20 yard gain. Despite a rocky start, the Mustangs were starting to look stronger in the second half. The Mustangs got stopped for two downs, but then Kirkness made a hand-off to Mustang #24 Tysen Teneycke, who took the ball seven yards. The Mustangs were set for another first down when #8 with the Colts Ethan Gripp ripped the ball right out of Neys hands, and regained possession for his team. This gave the Colts a first down on the 30. The Mustangs weren’t happy about this, and hit Colts quarterback #18 Marc Bolen hard, taking back control of the ball on the 23 yard line. Kirkness passed to Ney, giving the Mustangs a first down four yards from the end zone, which became nine following a procedure penalty. Kirkness tried to run the ball, but was quickly tackled. She then made a hand-off to Mustang Teneycke, who made it two yards before going down. Third and 7, Kirkness passed the ball to Ney, who was stopped two yards short of the end zone. Davies made a long run for the Colts on the second down, taking it to the 39 yard line. However, the Colts fumbled there, and four Mustangs worked together to get on top of the ball. In the last play of the quarter, Ney made three yards, leaving the Mustangs third down and 7 on the 29.

Evan Mahi photo
Mustang #38 Brendan Parker received a hand-off at the start of the fourth, running seven yards down center-field. Colt #44 Dreyden Endicott made an interception, but fumbled the ball, giving the Mustangs’ offence a second opportunity. The Mustangs attempted a hand-off to Ney, and were pushed back 4 yards. They were stalled out here until their third down. At this point the Mustangs attempted a field goal. The Colts regained possession, but were held at the 10 yard line. The Mustangs suffered two incompletes before setting up for a field goal. However, it was merely a deception, allowing #12 Hunter Austring to earn the Bantam Mustangs’ first touchdown of the season. Gripp followed this by earning another touchdown for the Colts right from the Mustangs’ kick-off. The Mustangs’ offence was stalled out, and they chose to punt. The Mustangs’ defence fared well here, pushing the Colts back, and regaining possession of the ball through an interception. The Mustangs earned their second touchdown of the game here, with 1:12 left in the game. The Mustangs played very well for the last minute of the game, keeping the pressure on the Colt’s quarterback, and regaining possession. Despite a shaky start, the Mustangs were looking like a whole different team in this second half, learning from the Colts plays, their own mistakes, and their own successes as well.

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