Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Chinook Coyotes win Division B trophy in Pincher Creek

Chinook Coyotes with Division B trophy

Josh Davis

October 8, 2015 was a sad day to be a Pincher Creek Senior Mustangs fan. Lethbridge's Chinook Coyotes handily defeated their Mustangs counterparts 54-12 at Matthew Halton field in Pincher, winning the Division B title, and taking home the trophy, a first for the team in their six-year history.

The Coyotes earned two touchdowns in the first quarter, completing the convert each time. It was clear from early in the game that the Mustangs weren’t at their best. The Mustangs' Defence was looking unusually weak this game. The Coyotes were repeatedly breaking through it, on both sides and down the center. Meanwhile the Mustangs’ Offence gained little traction. The quarter ended 14-0 in the Coyotes favour.

The Mustangs’ Defence held back the Coyotes at the start of the second quarter, and even managed to push the Coyotes back a few yards. However, it’s hard for even the strongest of Defences to stop a touchdown from 6 yards away. Following the Coyotes touchdown and one-point convert, Mustang #18, Logan Kaack, earned the Mustangs their first touchdown of the game, with 3:06 left on the clock. But the Coyotes wanted another touchdown before halftime, and the quarter ended 27-6.

The Mustangs were looking undisciplined in the third quarter. The Coyotes earned two touchdowns in this quarter, one early in, and another just seconds before it ended.

The Coyotes kept the pressure on in the final quarter, earning another touchdown less than a minute into it. The Coyotes earned another touchdown seven and a half minutes into the quarter. The Mustangs did go out on a high note, making some very good offensive plays. In the final play of the game, Mustang #20 Tyler Riviere earned his team their second touchdown of the game.

Mustangs Head Coach Wayne Alexander is still recovering from illness, and explained that several of his boys are also sick. Though disappointed in the loss, he is still holding out hope that his teams can win the conference banner. The senior Mustangs are a skilled team, with a lot of strong players, and if they get their heads back in the game they still have a very good shot at it.The Mustangs are next scheduled to play an Exhibition game in Chestermere against the Cowboys. Following that they will be playing Taber's fighting Rebels on Friday October 29 for the SAHSFL Playoff.

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