Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Curling Rink and Town of Pincher Creek to share an employee

Toni Lucas

Pincher Creek Curling Club (PCCC) requested a shared job  position between the Town of Pincher Creek and themselves.  PCCC require a person to be available to make curling ice 3 to 4 hours a day for a total they estimated to be 100 hours for the upcoming season.  PCCC said they have difficulties getting someone for a part-time and seasonal job. The request was discussed at the regular meeting of Town council on Monday, September 28.  Pincher Creek Curling Club is to pay for employee time that is expended on the club's behalf.

Councillor Doug Thornton was concerned about who was to supervise the employee's curling rink related work, and Councillor Lorne Jackson asked about potential Worker Compensation Board obligations and whether the union (CUPE) had been consulted.  Town Recreation Manager Adam Grose said the supervisory lines will remain the same, with guidance and training coming from curling rink representatives.  "We did talk about doing an agreement with the curling club, that would address some of these concerns,"  said Grose.  One of the concerns is that staff working for the town are employed at a higher wage than the rate the curling rink has been paying their staff.  $28.75 per hour is the average cost of a town employee,  and the curling rink ice staff had been budgeted at $20 per hour.

Councillor Doug Thornton said "We will offer an employee, at the Town CUPE rate, plus benefits, and we will enter into an agreement with the curling club outlining the duties that will be there." Council agreed to have a Town Employee made available to assist the Curling Club with their regular season ice duties and plant checks for the 2015/2016 season, and that all curling rink hours are to be reimbursed by the Curling Club at the current CUPE rates and benefits.

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