Monday, October 26, 2015

Matthew Halton High School fall 2015 Experiential Learning Week overview

Matthew Halton High School Principal Sandra McDuffe
Toni Lucas - Students from Matthew Halton High School (MHHS) took part in Experiential Learning Week (ELW) from Monday, October 19 - 23. The students took a single immersive class in a option of their choice they were enrolled in for the duration of the week.  MHHS Principal Sandra McDuffe  "It is a week we set aside to have student explore their interests, passions, and talents.  We give them an opportunity to experience a hands on learning environment were they can be fully immersed in their learning. This our fifth ELW."

Talking about changes which may be implemented as early as the next ELW, which will happen in May 2 - 6 of 2016,  McDuffe said "We are working with Lethbridge College."  Some of the one week courses the high school student will be able to take part in at the college include art and design, fashion illustration, video editing, environmental stewardship.  "That is really quite exciting."  McDuffe said she was happy she had the chance to experience these weeks with the students during her tenure at MHHS.

One of the unique aspects of this program is it gives students of different grades the chance to interact with each other over a common interest. For this semester the students could choose from  the following programs and activities:  Sewing, Ultimate Frisbee, Butcher, Edible Gifts, Film Study, Animal Care, Drama, Basketball/ Volleyball, Hockey, Junk Yard Wars, Outdoor Survival, Knife Forging, Painting/ Drawing, and Photography.

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