Saturday, October 10, 2015

Foothills Christian Heritage candidate Marc Slingerland at Pincher Creek forum

Christian Heritage Party (CHL) candidate for Foothills Marc Slingerland was one of the 5 candidates who spoke and answered questions at the forum held in Pincher Creek on the evening of October 8, which was mediated by David Green.  The above is a video of Slingerland's opening remarks.

Each candidate was given 15 minutes, and Slingerland made the most of it, but he was rarely directly addressed during the public question period that followed.  Slingerland spoke most passionately and at great length against abortion and in favour of significantly increased rights for unborn children.  He also described himself as the only real conservative at the table, accusing the PCs in particular of stifling anti-abortion sentiment within their ranks.

Slingerland was heckled at one point, and a smattering of applause for the heckler followed that, a moment he seemed to take with aplomb before moving on in his address.  The heckler was later ejected during the Q&A.

According to his CHL bio Slingerland is a high school teacher and principal of an independent school west of Lethbridge, holding graduate degrees in Chemistry and in Educational Leadership from the University of Lethbridge.

This is his fourth run for a seat in the Canadian Parliament, the previous three being unsuccessful.

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