Saturday, October 10, 2015

Foothills NDP candidate Alison Thompson at Pincher Creek forum

NDP Foothills candidate Alison Thompson was one of the 5 candidates who spoke and answered questions at the forum held in Pincher Creek on the evening of October 8, which was mediated by David Green.  The above is a video of Thompson's opening remarks and some of her remarks during the Q&A which followed.

In her opening remarks, among other things,  Thompson spoke of her time living in Pincher Creek, her credentials, and her employment history in the oil industry.

Flecked black with oil and a rainbow of paint colours. I still have those boots, as a proud reminder of how my energy career began at Shell Canada’s Waterton Gas Plant, over 20 years ago. Living in Pincher Creek, I traveled over what felt like every inch of Foothills, on my bike, hiking, and on road-trips taken just to see what was around the next corner. My career trajectory has taken me to Wichita, Kansas to work for a coal powered utility; to Alberta (Drumheller, Pincher Creek, Edson, Calgary) to work in the Oil & Gas patch; and onto British Columbia and Overseas to work in renewable energy. - from

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