Saturday, October 10, 2015

Foothills PC incumbent John Barlow at Pincher Creek forum

Foothills PC incumbent John Barlow was one of the 5 candidates who spoke and answered questions at the forum held in Pincher Creek on the evening of October 8, which was mediated by David Green.  The above is a video of most of Barlow's opening remarks and some of his remarks during the Q&A that followed.

"My roots are deep," and "The job is not yet done," said Barlow.  Community, agriculture, and support for families and small businesses were themes that Barlow returned to several times during the event. He also touted various recent Harper government trade, governance, environmental, and social initiatives. He was scathing in his assessment of other candidates who running who don't live in the constituency . Barlow had perhaps the most polished presentation of the evening.  A seeming majority of the crowd was his to lose and his message was warmly received at several points.

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