Sunday, October 4, 2015

Jr Girls volleyball: Hawks host F.P. Walshe

Hawks (in blue) vs F.P. Walshe

Josh Davis

On Thursday October 1, 2015 the A level Jr girls Hawks hosted F.P. Walshe at Matthew Halton School for volleyball. F.P. Walshe has a tough team this season, and the Hawks’ numbers were depleted by injuries and absences. F.P. Walshe doubled them in number in attendance. The Hawks improved greatly throughout the game, but were defeated in three sets.

The first set was short. F.P. Walshe gained an early lead of 18-2. F.P. Walshe showed impressive teamwork, throughout the set. The Hawks gained points steadily towards the end of the set, but were defeat 25-8.

In the second set, the Hawks continued to steadily accumulate points. F.P. Walshe demonstrated excellent positioning, and pulled through in the end, 25-14.

In the third set, the Hawks really came together. They gained a slight early lead, and tied up the score at 1, 2, 4, 7, and 9. The Hawks showed F.P. Walshe their own teamwork in this set, and it was close until the end. However, as the third set developed they lost a little ground. F.P. Walshe pushed this lead, and won 25-19.

“They came together, they realized that we were really short this evening due to injuries and absences,” said Hawks Coach Renee Van Loon of their improvement throughout the game. “So they realized they have to come together as a team when there’s nobody on the bench to help them out.”

“Some of our girls are brand new this year. They’ve never been on the court, so they’re only just learning the basics of volleyball. There’s a big jump between A level and B level. B level in grade seven is generally just a one off game, so they have very basic knowledge. So when they move up into grade 8 and 9 then they have to think about working together as a team, and getting those three hits in, and their techniques.”

“We were trying some different positions tonight, so some of them got to do things that they’ve never done before, and they were very successful in it.”

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