Thursday, October 15, 2015

Junior Boys Volleyball – Dragons host Knights

The A Division Dragons following their victory

Josh Davis

On Tuesday October 13, 2015 Saint Michael’s A and B Division boys Dragons hosted Nanton's  J.T. Foster’s Knights for a game of volleyball. The teams were fairly evenly matched. The B division Dragons were defeated in two out of three sets. However, the A division Dragons won two out of three of their sets.
B Dragons vs Knights
JT Foster’s B Division Knights took total charge at the start of their first set. The Dragons caught up with them at ten points, but were then left behind for the rest of the set. The Knights won that set 25-13. In the second set the Dragons swiftly won 25-10. The third tie-breaking set was incredibly close, and the B Dragons were playing their best. The score remained close throughout the set, but the Knights ultimately won 26-24.

A Dragons vs Knights
The A Dragons won their first set by a 25-6 landslide. The Knights gained the lead from the start of the second set. The Knights won this close set 25-22. The first half of the third set was close, but the Knights fell behind swiftly after that and the Dragons won 25-15.

A Dragons vs Knights
A Dragons coach Gavin Bonertz said that the difference between sets is expected when working with junior high boys. “They kind of lose attention. But then in the third set they were able to refocus, and get back to how we play well.”

“We have quite a few really skilled players, it’s just a matter of getting them to play as a team. Once we do start playing as a team, we can show lots of hustle and we’re pretty good. It’s just a matter of showing that all the time.”

Coach Bonertz said he’s working on his team’s defense and positioning. ”I’m proud of the guys, and they’ve been improving the whole year. That’s all I ask for, is that they improve every game.”

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