Saturday, October 24, 2015

Junior boys volleyball - A Dragons host Piikani

Josh Davis

On Thursday October 22 the Jr A boys Dragons hosted Piikani for an evening of volleyball. Piikani’s boys improved in each set; their rallies got longer, and they put the ball out much less by the final set. The A boys Dragons are a strong team, however, and played consistently, winning all three sets.

The Dragons won their first set quickly, 25-9. Piikani traded evenly with the Dragons for the first four points of the second set. However, the Dragons swiftly pulled ahead. Though Piikani made a solid effort near the end of the set, the Dragons won 25-10. The final set was the closest of the three, but the Dragons earned a large lead in it as well, winning 25-16.

Dragons coach Gavin Bonertz was happy with the way his team played. “I asked them to try and put three games in a row together, and they actually did that. That’s something we’ve been working on all year, just being consistent all three games, so I was happy with them.”

“They played really well as a team, they were talking lots together, so that’s nice to see,” said Bonertz of his team’s strength in the game. “They’re all hard working, they get along all good together, and its really nice to coach them.”

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