Monday, October 12, 2015

Little donations make a large impact

Ken Neumann, Katie Fiest, Laura Richardson, Dr. De Wet, Sandra Lewis, Kelsey Green and Sariah Brasnett with Ted D. Bears
T, Lucas photos except*
Toni Lucas

Little things can make a huge impact. This is a small story, about small items, little people, and large community heart. Pincher Creek Elks Club #474 regularly raise funds to put back in the community where they see a need. On Wednesday, October 7, the Elks donated 50 stuffed animals to the Pincher Creek Health Centre (PCHC) and Pincher Creek Emergency Services (PCES). Earlier this year the Elks donated to the obstetrics department a new obstetric ultrasound Doppler. One of the ways the Elks raised money is their tabs for tots program.

The Ted D. Bears cost the Elks Club approximately $500 for the 50 stuffies, with 25 to stay in the hospital and 25 to ride along with ambulance and fire fighters to be given out at their discretion. The true destination of each of these bears is as a gift to be given to people in crisis. Usually for children, these bears are to give comfort and something to hold onto, when someone needs it most. Whether it is given to a child who is wounded, or has seen someone they love go through trauma or illness these bears are a symbol of hope and comfort. "It helps to calm them down," said Elks Secretary Ken Neumann. "If it helps to calm a child down in a serious accident, or an illness, or something like that, it is well worth it." He is very happy with the Elks donations to the hospital. "We are putting some money back into Pincher Creek."

Ken Neumann with PCHC Site Manager Jordan Koch show the obstetrical ultrasound doppler

In the obstetrics ward the Elks donated a new obstetric doppler. This device is a hand held unit and costs $699.00. It is designed to find a fetal heartbeat from 21 months on during gestation. Knowing the heartbeat of the baby in utero helps to assess the health of both the mother and the child. This tool can be used to assess blood flow of the baby, uterus and placenta. One reason the Elks were able to raise the money for this device is through the help of two young children who took the Elks Tabs for Tots program to heart. 

Sisters Adessa (5) and Nevaeh (8)
*Photo Amber MacKinnon
Adessa and Nevaeh MacKinnon heard about Tabs for Tots program and decided they could help. These two have had a ripple effect encouraging others to collect their metal drink tabs for the Elks. They encouraged individuals and service groups, including the Cowley Lions, to collect tabs. This multiplied effect has brought in 42 lbs of metal, approximately 67,000 tabs according to Neumann. "They are really gung-ho in collecting tabs." Congratulations to two small children in our community who proved they can make a difference.

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