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Major road trip for Peewee Mustangs

Peewee Mustangs at McMahon Stadium
Kelly Nelson photos

  • Last Peewee Mustang game of the season is Thursday October 22 starting at 6:00 pm at Matthew Halton Field
At McMahon vs Claresholm
Coach Jeremy Nelson

I think we are better then any CFL team.

What you might say, well let me explain a little. We played three games in seven days. That’s right three games in seven days. I have never heard a CFL team do that. That's why I think we are better then any CFL team. We traveled to Coaldale, Calgary, and Lethbridge.

Pincher's Mustangs vs Coaldale
Our Coaldale game, well that was some game. With never playing Coaldale in my time being involved with football, it was an unknown for us. In previous games we have been fairly well matched in size and number of players. Not in Coaldale. They had twice as many players and their size was somewhat larger. This was not a deterrent for us. We put on our game socks and hit the field. As usual the Peewee Mustangs performed to their best ability, running the plays as we have practiced over and over again. We were outmatched by Coaldale’s skill. Our plays that usually get up 5-6 yards were getting us 2. Even our sweeps ended in about 10 yards.

Pincher Mustangs vs Coaldale
We had some kids on our team that were feeling under the weather, and some that had to sit out early due to some minor injuries. I think a combination of all the above was the main factor in our lack of success of finding the end zone. I think the best play of this game was when our center was able to carry the ball for a 20+ yard run. Boy was he excited.

Mustangs vs Claresholm at McMahon
Next on our schedule was Calgary. This is an annual tradition that as far as I know stems back many years. It is always against Claresholm, who graciously invite us every year. We play at the home of the Calgary Stampeders, McMahon Stadium. This year was great, we showed up knowing what Claresholm had to offer and Claresholm knew what we had. We started the morning about an hour before the game started. In the change room it was just the players and us coaches, no parents. The talk in there was great, it was like being at school during recess. The kids were excited for the game and the chatter that went on showed their excitement. Down to the field for some warm ups and work on a few plays. When we got to field level there were a few Stampeders doing some workouts. Some of the kids had a hard time focusing on what we were doing, but I was able to get them back and they finished the warm ups and onto plays.

Mustangs vs Claresholm at McMahon
We lost the coin toss but gained possession of the ball for the first play. The plays went back and forth all game, with Claresholm the first to find the end zone with those few Stampeders now watching our game. In the first half Claresholm found the end zone twice and we found it once. After a brief water break and some pep talks from our coaches and one coaching alumni, Coach Tom Holoboff, we were back on the field. The Peewees were charged and ready to go. With Claresholm finally knowing our biggest play we had to change things up a bit. We did and found the end zone two more times, but unfortunately we had one of the touchdowns called back. Hey it happens in football, look at the 2014 Grey Cup. No big deal. In the end the game was tied and we both came away winners. After the game we had to pose for pictures for all the proud family and friends. I want to thank all those who traveled to Calgary to watch on that Thanksgiving Monday.

Pincher Mustangs vs Lethbridge Rams White
One full week later we were in Lethbridge playing again. This time it is against Rams White. The Rams organization has three teams. We won the coin toss and the kids decided on offence. So away we went. Not much new that I can say. We had our drives up the middle down pat, gaining an average of 5-6 yards each time. Whether it was my running back or my full back it was always the same. This has become one of our main plays. We even switched out our backfield to allow some others to get time with the ball. It was always the same result. It was very fulfilling for a coach to see that we can repetitively gain yards that way. At one time we marched from our 30 yard line to their 25 yard line by doing that same play, with a few in there to mix it up.

Mustangs vs Lethbridge Rams White
This game we were missing some of our coaching staff so I had to be coach and ref at the same time. Not much to refereeing at this age just watch for facemasks and horse collars, so it was fairly easy. But what it did do was take me away from behind the play. Every time we tried to run a sweep we had a Ram break through the line and seemed to cause havoc on the play, so a lot of the time it didn’t turn out as planned. We had a really good game against them and this game too we found that we have some weakness, but we have a week to work on them and we will. We had some problems before and we fixed them in less time. So things are looking really good for our last game of the season. In the end the only touchdowns that were scored, were by them and only in the first half, and it was only twice.

Pincher Mustangs vs Lethbridge Rams White
So now you see why I think we are better then any CFL team. It has been a long week for us, as every game involved travel time. It will be nice to be at home for our next game, which also happens to be our last game. It will be on Thursday October 22nd, 6:00pm at the Matthew Halton Field. Please come down and cheer on the little guys one last time for this year

I read somewhere "Failure is the condiment to success".

So like I said before, on and up for the PeeWee Mustangs.

Coach Jeremy

Mustangs at McMahon
Kelly Nelson photos

Mustangs at Coaldale
Kelly Nelson Photos

Mustangs at Lethbridge
Kelly Nelson photos

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