Sunday, October 25, 2015

Pets dressed up smart by Halloween PCHS Fundraiser

Delainy and Brynn Grose show off some pet costumes
Toni Lucas

The Pincher Creek Humane Society (PCHS) was at the Ranchland Mall on October 21 and 22 to hold a 'Costumes for Vaccines' event.  Volunteers were giving away pet costumes and other assorted items which were donated to them by PetSmart, and accepting donations in turn.  With costumes ranging from tutus to the terrifying shark-dog, and items like bejeweled collars and pet toys, there was something for any taste to bring home for their pet.  Volunteer Christine Wagenaar was delighted to report that the first day of the effort raised close to $1,700 for the local facility.  The organization plans to use the funds on vaccinations and other medical expenditures.  Vice President Jason Wagnaar said "These are the biggest fees, these days."

^ Jessilyn Karasz, Jason and Christine Wagnaar, Roxane and Emma Baalim

The shelter is appreciative of donations including cleaning supplies, bleach for disinfecting, towels, and laundry soap. Other needed items more directly related to the animals include cat litter and soft food for the cats and dogs. The care of these animals is an ongoing task shouldered by the staff and volunteers.

Wagenaar said there was going to be a lot of costumes left at the end of the sale. If you are interested in adopting an animal, volunteering, donating, or finding out more about the Pincher Creek Humane Society you can reach them by phone at 403-627-5191.

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Now for a rousing rendition of 'It's Not Easy Being Green'.  Take it Kermit!

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