Saturday, October 24, 2015

Pincher Creek Ducks Unlimited holds 33rd annual banquet

Nigel Whittington chats with Emil Johnson
Josh Davis

On Saturday October 17, 2015, Pincher Creek Ducks Unlimited held their 33rd annual banquet at the Pincher Creek Community Hall. The event featured raffles, draws, games and auctions after the dinner. Funds raised at the event go towards supporting Albertan Wetlands. The Pincher Creek Elks provided dinner and dessert for those attending.

Nervous gnome, waiting on a new home
Following dinner, Chairman Gordon Dyck took to the stage, congratulating volunteers and local DUC members for their service.

Charles Price holds up his 25 year plaque
Emil Johnson served as the evening Master of Ceremonies, along with Nigel Wittington. Grant McNab and Bob Westrop performed the role of auctioneers for the live auction portion of the evening, as in previous years. The walls of the Community Hall were lined with live and silent auction prizes. The ‘High Flyer’ raffle held a lot of interest. For this raffle 10 people bid or won the right to take part by buying camp stoves. There were a eight vacations being offered up, as well as a cash prize of $1500 and a Remington 11-37 rifle.

Jode and Logan Deley show off their "Pick of the Litter" prize (Mom Traci in the background) 
The theme for the evening was “wild shirts”. Tammy Myer won for the women, while Andrew Pittner won for the men. Both were awarded even wilder shirts for this honour. Robert Plant won the bucket raffle, and went home with a .22 Savage Magnum with a scope. Jode Deley won the pick of the litter prize, and went home with a Benelli Nova Shotgun. Later in the evening, Bob Johnson went around with the “Wagon of Fun”.

Bob Johnson carting around the "Wagon of Fun"
“The ‘Wagon of Fun’ is full of refreshments, and there’s no orange juice in there,” joked Emil Johnson.

The "High Flyer Raffle" is an ever popular event 
The annual Ducks Unlimited banquet was a great success, featuring, food, fun, and camaraderie, all for the cause of protecting Alberta’s wetlands.

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