Friday, October 30, 2015

Holy Spirit Catholic School Board holds annual organization meeting

press release

The Holy Spirit Catholic School Division’s Board of Trustees is pleased to announce that, at its October 28, 2015 Organizational Meeting, Mr. Bryan Kranzler was elected Board Chair and Ms. Pat Bremner was elected Vice Chair for the 2015/2016 school year.

The Board is also very pleased to announce that the following individuals have agreed to serve on the division’s committees:

Standing Committees
  • ATA Local No. 5 Negotiating Committee: Bryan Kranzler (Committee Chair), Judy Lane and Bob Spitzig
  • CUPE 1825 Negotiating Committee: Bob Spitzig (Committee Chair), Danny Ponjavic and Ken Tratch
  • CUPE 290 Negotiating Committee: Terry O'Donnell (Committee Chair), Pat Bremner and Danny Ponjavic
  • Audit Committee: Pat Bremner (Committee Chair), Danny Ponjavic and Ken Tratch
  • Share the Mission Award Committee: Pat Bremner (Committee Chair), Frances Cote and Ken Tratch

External committee representatives
  • ACSTA Board of Directors: Judy Lane (Alternate: Ken Tratch)
  • First Nations Parent Advisory Council: Pat Bremner (Alternate: Judy Lane)
  • Joint City/School Boards' Liason: Bryan Kranzler and Ken Tratch
  • Business and Education: Ken Tratch
  • ASBA Zone 6: Bob Spitzig (Alternate: Pat Bremner)
  • Parent Inclusive Education Roundtable: Pat Bremner (Alternate: Frances Cote)
  • Teacher/Board Advisory: Bryan Kranzler, Judy Lane and Danny Ponjavic
  • C2 Committee: Judy Lane (Alternate: Ken Tratch)
School Liasons:
The Board determined that each Trustee would serve as a liaison to specific schools in the division. This ensures that there is a Board member present at important school events and better communication between the schools and the Board in general.
  • Catholic Central High: Danny Ponjavic
  • Children of St. Martha: Ken Tratch
  • Ecole St. Mary: Bryan Kranzler
  • Father Leonard Van Tighem: Danny Ponjavic
  • Our Lady of the Assumption: Ken Tratch
  • St. Catherine (Picture Butte): Terry O'Donnell
  • St. Francis Junior High: Bryan Kranzler
  • St. Joseph (Coaldale): Frances Cote
  • St. Mary (Taber): Pat Bremner
  • St. Michael’s (Bow Island): Pat Bremner
  • St. Michael’s (Pincher Creek): Judy Lane
  • St. Patrick (Taber): Pat Bremner
  • St. Patrick Fine Arts Elementary: Bob Spitzig
  • St. Paul: Bob Spitzig

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