Monday, October 26, 2015

Sewing class at MHHS Experiential Learning Week

Cayleigh Duffield in sewing class
Toni  Lucas

Students from Matthew Halton High School (MHHS) took part in Experiential Learning Week (ELW) from Monday, October 19 - 23. The students took a single immersive class in a option of their choice they were enrolled in for the duration of the week.

Cayleigh Duffield was pretty proud of what she achieved in sewing class during Experiential Learning Week.  She made a pillowcase, apron, handbag, and was making a small bag to match her handbag.  More important than the extra credit, she was finding she enjoyed the process of creating and wanted to have a small organizer for the large purse she had already made.  She had never used a sewing machine before and felt much more confident about her abilities and understood sewing and textiles more.  The course was augmented by sewing machines and sergers borrowed from a school in Claresholm.

Many of the students had never ironed or sewed before.  What was once common skills a few generations ago are being revisited by young woman who want to be able to make or alter their own clothes.  Fall 2015 ELW programs and activities included:  Sewing, Ultimate Frisbee, Butcher, Edible Gifts, Film Study, Animal Care, Drama, Basketball/ Volleyball, Hockey, Junk Yard Wars, Outdoor Survival, Knife Forging, Painting/ Drawing, and Photography.

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