Tuesday, October 20, 2015

South Country Trappers hold 2015 AGM and banquet

Kathy Wight and Ally Graham at the antler peg pull
T. Lucas photo
Toni Lucas

The South Country Trappers Association (SCTA) held their fourth* annual banquet and AGM on Saturday, October 17 at the Golf Course Restaurant in Pincher Creek.  Close to 120 members came for fun, festivities, auctions, awards, entertainment and a talk about mineral licks presented by Alberta Conservation Association Biologist Mike Jokinen.

SCTA President Brent Sinclair
SCTA President Brent Sinclair said, "I think we have gained a whole lot of momentum and recognition throughout the community and throughout the province of Alberta for being an association that is focused on education for youth, education for hunting, and to work with the ranchers on wildlife deprivation on livestock."  The association now hosts 100 active members.  "It's growing, it is getting a lot of recognition.  The thing that we really try to focus on is to get the young kids into the trapping sector an get them to understand and educate them.  So they can further their careers as wildlife officers, as biologists, as veterinarians...The disease control and wildlife management that is done through trapping is very important.  The whole concept of trapping is misunderstood.  Everyone thinks it is just the killing of the animal, for the fur coats, which it is not.  It is a really broad spectrum, to get really involved with it."

Sinclair is very happy they will be hosting the Alberta Trappers Association Rendezvous, scheduled to be held in Pincher Creek in the summer of 2016.  He estimates 500-700 people will come to attend the banquet during July long weekend, and thousands to attend various other parts of the event. "We are going to focus on what the fur industry really means to Canada," from the earliest days to now.  It is going to offer an opportunity  to educate a lot of people who don't understand what trapping is really about,"  Sinclair said.  He explained there is a lot of management, conservation work, and educational opportunities through the members of SCTA.  "There is a really broad spectrum of what trapping really does mean."

Bruce and Judy Macintosh
The meal was followed by awards. President of the Alberta Trappers Association (ACA) Anne Coles gave Best Magazine Article of the Year to Brent Sinclair who later received the George Kelley Wolf Award from ATA Past President Gordy Klassen.  Member of the Year Award went to Judy Macintosh who is one of the main organizers for the upcoming  The Alberta Trappers Association Rendezvous is scheduled to be held in Pincher Creek during the July long weekend of 2016.

Sales - Allan Lively, Frank Jenkins and Justin Keeley
The stage was then given over to Alberta Conservation Association Biologist Mike Jokinen for a talk on mineral licks.  Don Brestler made a big impact as the entertainer, telling stories and singing songs. Brestler is a local singer, songwriter, cartoonist, and published author.  He kept the crowd entertained until the live auction started put on by the crew from Southern Alberta Livestock Exchange. The evening was entertaining, informative and fun.

Alberta Conservation Association Biologist Mike Jokinen
Kelly and Jim Simpson
Don Brestler and Jim Simpson show silent auction items made by Jim
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*Corrected for accuracy.

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