Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Vets help pets

^ Colleen Brady, Faith Zachar, Tiana Meier, Rhonda Christianson, Charles Zachar, and Jocelyn Fukumoto

Toni Lucas

Many people consider their pets to be part of the family.   Veterinarian Charlie Zachar, his wife Faith, and the staff at Pincher Creek Veterinarian Clinic usually keep a few treats around for the many dogs and cats who come through their doors.   On Friday, October 9 there were also treats were for the two legged owners in celebration of Animal Health Week, which ran October 4 - 10.  Charlie and his wife Faith Zachar have been the owners of the Pincher Creek Veterinarian Clinic since 1969 and they have been caring for animals in the area for 46 years.

The celebration was to bring help make people more aware of their pets health.  The clinic is a small animal practice focused mainly on pets.   The team includes two veterinarians: Dr. Charlie Zachar, and Dr. Kari Grandoni who are willing to discuss preventative health care and what they are capable of doing for your animal.

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