Sunday, October 4, 2015

Westwinds Boys volleyball - Dragons host Flyers

2015 St. Michael's JV and SV Dragons Boys Volleyball team
Josh Davis

On Thursday Oct 1 St Michael’s JV and SV Boys Dragons hosted F.P. Walshe’s Flyers at St Michael’s. The JV Dragons emerged victorious, winning two out of three sets. The SV Dragons played a good game, but were defeated in their fifth set.

JV Dragons vs Flyers

“This is the best JV game we’ve played this year,” said Dragons Coach Tyler Speelman. “The team played really well. We served really well. We got a few of attacks in, which we haven’t got a lot of in JV. And we covered the floor well, which was really nice to see.”

“The greatest strength of my JV team is that they’re covering the floor better than other JV teams have,” said Speelman. “For my JVs I’m working on floor coverage, making sure the ball doesn’t hit the ground, and motion. I always tell the guys that you should never be standing still when playing volleyball, you should be moving. If you’re standing still you’re doing something wrong.”

The JV Dragons won their first set 25-20. In the second set the Dragons eked out an early lead, and the Flyers weren’t able to catch up. The Dragons won the second set 25-18. However, the Flyers managed to turn the tables on them in the third set, winning by a large margin of 14-25.

SV Dragons vs Flyers

The SV Dragons played a close first set. Though they lagged slightly behind the Flyers, they tied the score up at 13 and 20, but were ultimately defeated 25-23. The Flyers took the lead at the start of the first set, and were ahead 13-5 before the Dragons started to catch up. The Dragons didn’t get demoralized, finally catching up at 16 points, and briefly taking the lead. The Flyers won this set 25-22. The third set looked much more even from the start, with the Dragons gaining a slight early lead. The Dragons won this set 25-18. The fourth set was the incredibly close, but the Dragons prevailed 26-24. The fifth and final set started off in a dead heat, before the Flyers pulled ahead. The Dragons played well, but were defeated 15-11.

“The greatest strength of my senior team is probably the camaraderie between the guys. Our attacking is also really good this year,” said Speelman. “Our guys are starting to show guts, and I’ve been preaching guts for two years now. At the end of games weaker teams get into just being happy to get it over. In order to win games in Senior Varsity against great teams like Walshe every year, you have to attack, you have to spike the ball, and you have to hit hard to win. Our guys are starting to do that, they’re starting to learn. “

“We only have one grade 12 on our senior team. So we have two grade nines on our JV, and the rest are grade ten or eleven. So we’re still a very young team, and we’ve come leaps and bounds this year.”

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