Friday, October 9, 2015

Westwinds Boys Volleyball – Sabres defeated at home by Flyers

Josh Davis

On Wednesday October 8 2015 the JV and SV Sabres hosted F.P. Walshe’s Flyers at Livingstone school for an evening of volleyball. The Sabres are coming off taking second place to Saint Michael’s Dragons in a recent tournament, which took place in the Crowsnest Pass this weekend. The Sabres were defeated in every set by Fort Macleod's Flyers.

The JV Sabres were defeated quickly and by a wide margin in their first set, which ended 25-12. In the second set both teams played a very close match, trading points until the end of the set. However, they fell behind near the end, and were defeated 25-20. The Sabres fell behind at the start of their intense third set. However, they weren’t ready to give up, and caught up towards the end, even briefly taking the lead. The Flyers won this set 26-24.

The SV Sabres started the first set of their game by earning a nine point lead. However, the Flyers caught up at fourteen points, and the rest of the game was incredibly close. Both teams tied the scoreboard up until the very end of the set, when the Flyers took it 26-24. Both teams looked close at the outset of the second set, but the Flyers quickly surpassed the Sabres, and won 25-14. By the third set, the Sabres appeared demoralized, and were defeated quickly 25-15.

“That was not our best game. They looked a little bit slow out there, a little bit tired,” said Sabres Coach Coady MacDonald of his boy’s performance that evening. “But they’ve been playing well. This is our first regular season loss this year. F.P. Walshe is an excellent team, and we were closer with them in a tournament earlier this year.”

“Hard work is usually what does it for us, and I think that was what was missing tonight. The guys usually work really hard, and work well together, but it just wasn’t happening this evening,” said MacDonald.

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