Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Westwinds Girls volleyball - Dragons host Warriors

Josh Davis

On Thursday October 8, 2015, Saint Michael's JV and SV Girls Dragons hosted Kainai's Warriors for an evening of volleyball. The JV Dragons were defeated in two out of three sets by their Warriors counterparts. The SV Dragons won all three of their sets against the Warriors.

JV Dragons vs Warriors
The JV Dragons played a close first set, but were defeated 25-21. In the second set the Dragons defeated the Warriors by a landslide 25-10. However, Kainai won the third set 25-16, and took the game.

The first set of the SV game was very close. In the beginning, the Warriors managed to keep the pace with their Dragons counterparts. However, in the second half of the set, the Dragons gained a large lead, and though the warriors played hard to catch up, the Dragons ultimately prevailed 25-19.

JV Dragons vs Warriors
The second set was decidedly more one-sided. The Dragons swiftly earned a victory, 25-10.

SV Dragons vs Warriors
The third set was the closest of the three. The Warriors gained an early lead, and defended it for most of the game. However, the Dragons weren't ready to give the set up, and turned it around in the end, winning 25-23.
SV Dragons vs Warriors

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