Thursday, October 22, 2015

Westwinds girls volleyball - Flyers defeat Sabres

SV Sabres vs Flyers
Josh Davis

Livingstone High School was the place to be for JV and SV volleyball on election night, Monday October 19. The Sabres Girls hosted Fort Macleod's F.P. Walshe Flyers.  The Flyers won all six sets.

JV Sabres vs F.P. Walshe
The JV Sabres traded evenly with the Flyers for the first four points. From that point on the Flyers steadily accrued a lead. The Sabres played hard to catch up, but the Flyers ultimately won 25-18.

JV Sabres vs F.P Walshe
The Sabres were working well as a team, and getting their three hits in. However, the Flyers had much better attacking, and it showed on the scoreboard. The Flyers won the second set 25-18 again.

JV Sabres vs F.P. Walshe
The JV Flyers won the third JV set by a wide 25-13 margin.

The SV Flyers won by a landslide in their first set. They demonstrated excellent attacking, and the Sabres weren’t blocking well.

SV Sabres vs F.P. Walshe
The Sabres blocking improved in the second set, and the rallies got longer. However, the girls Flyers won 25-11.

SV Sabres vs F.P. Walshe
In the third set the Sabres managed to get quite a few digs, extending their rallies. However, the Flyer’s attacking gave them a large advantage, and the Flyers won this set 25-13.

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