Monday, October 26, 2015

Westwinds girls volleyball - Sabres host Dragons

Dragons and Sabres with Mrs. Krizan in the middle
Chelan Citrigno photo

Chris Davis

Livingstone School's JV and SV Girls Sabres hosted their St. Michael's School Dragons counterparts for an evening of volleyball on October 22.  Prior to the event, Mrs. Mary Krizan was presented with a hoodie that represented her dual allegiances.  She's the vice-principal at Livingstone School and has a daughter who plays for the Dragons.  She's pictured above in her new hoodie posing between the two teams after the games were concluded.

The JV game was decided by duff serves as much as by successful volleys, with both teams seeming to be playing below their usual skill levels, a situation that improved somewhat by the final set.  The Dragons won the first two JV set by scores of 25-16 and 32-30.  As the score indicates, the second set went on for a long time, contributing to some exhaustion on both sides as the evening progressed.The Sabres found their groove in the final JV set, winning it 25-11.

Despite both JV teams sharing the bulk of their players with both senior teams, the senior sets were more competitive from the outset.  Some of the best volleys of the evening occurred in the first SV set, and the two teams were very well matched, with the Dragons ultimately winning it 27-25.  The second set was also quite close, this time going to the Sabres 25-23.  The Dragons romped to a 25-11 win in the third set.  The Dragons also won the fourth and final deciding set, but this time the Sabres were back on their game and it went to 26-24.

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