Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Westwinds Volleyball – Livingstone Sabres host F.P. Walshe Flyers

JV Boys Sabres vs Flyers
Josh Davis

On Thursday October 15 the Livingstone Sabres hosted volleyball teams from F.P. Walshe. At 4:30 Livingstone’s junior girls played F.P. Walshe 8, and defeated them in two of three sets. Later in the evening the JV and SV boys played their Flyers counterparts. The JV Sabres won two out of three sets. The SV Sabres played much better than the previous week, but were defeated in 3 out of four sets.

The junior girls Sabres got off to a good start in their game against the grade 8 Flyers, quickly gaining a large lead. The Sabres won this set 25-17.

Walshe wasn’t demoralized, and the second set was significantly closer. Though the Sabres gained a significant lead twice in the, Walshe quickly caught them up both times. The score was tied 23-23 when the Sabres eked out two more points, winning the set 25-23.

The girls Flyers put a much effort into the third set, gaining a lead early on and defending it. Walshe won this set 25-15.

Following this, the JV and SV boys played against their Flyer counterparts. They had played this same match-up a week previous, and the Sabres looked much better in these games.

The JV Sabres earned a wide margin win against the Flyers in the first set, capitalizing on mistakes made by the Flyers. The score was 25-8.

The Flyers tightened things up in the second set, and gained a sizeable lead at the start of the second set. The Sabres showed their blocking skill off in this set, and they kept the pressure on, tying things up at 20 points. Short serves made by the Sabres at the end of the set cost them their chance to win it. The Flyers took this set 25-22.

The third set was very close. Both teams traded evenly for the first few points. The Sabres were doing a good job of getting their three hits in, and managed to gain the lead. However, the Flyers weren’t ready to give up, and closed the gap. The Sabres emerged victorious from this set, 25-21.

The first set of the SV game was a nail-biter. The Sabres demonstrated their attacking early on, and pulled slightly ahead of the Flyers. However, the Flyers were determined and caught up, eventually taking the set 25-21.

The Flyers dominated the start of the second set. However, the Sabres demonstrated their skill in saving low spiked balls, and slowly caught up, tying the score at 20 points. The Flyers pulled slightly ahead in the end, winning 25-23.

The Sabres pulled ahead from the start of the third set. The Flyers caught them at 8 points, but swiftly fell behind again. The Sabres demonstrated good teamwork here, working with one another to win rallies. Though the Flyers put in a strong effort, the Sabres won this set 25-21.

However, what the Flyers lacked in consistency, they made up for in tenacity. Both teams traded evenly for a time in the fourth set, and the Sabres pulled ahead shortly after the middle. But the Flyers didn’t quit, and won the set, and the game, 25-20.

Sabres Coach Coady MacDonald said his boys put in a much better effort on that evening than a week previous. “The guys played much better, definitely. They got back to basics, and their work effort was much better, stuff like that.”

“I thought they played really well tonight. They were moving well, good attacks, good blocks. I’m really happy with the way they played, for sure.”

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