Thursday, October 22, 2015

Westwinds Volleyball – Senior boys Dragons triumph against Flyers

SV Dragons vs Flyers
Josh Davis

Saint Michael’s featured volleyball on the evening of Wednesday October 21, when the JV and SV boys Dragons hosted the Flyers. The JV Dragons lost all three sets played. However, the SV Dragons were in good form, defeating the Flyers in three out of four close sets.

JV Dragons vs Flyers
The JV Flyers gained the lead early into their first set. The Dragons began to catch up, but were too far behind. The Flyers won 25-17.

JV Dragons vs Flyers
The Flyers gained a large lead again in the second set. They had good blocking, but could benefit from calling the ball. The Flyers won 25-17.

SV Dragons vs Flyers
The Flyers outclassed the Dragons in their third set, winning a wide margin victory 25-9.

SV Dragons vs Flyers
The SV Flyers gained a slight lead at the start of their first set. However, the Dragons were playing well, and caught up to them at eight points. From here the Flyers fell swiftly behind. The Dragons won this set 25-16.

Dragons vs Flyers
The Flyers seemed to need a set to warm up, and played much better in the second set. This set was quite close, and both teams traded evenly until the very end. The Dragons won 25-23.
SV Dragons vs Flyers
Both teams traded evenly at the start of the third set. However, the Flyers had hit their stride, and gained a large lead. The Flyers won 25-19.

Sv Dragons vs Flyers
The Flyers gained a slight lead early in the fourth set. The Dragons caught them up at five points, but quickly fell behind. The Dragons caught them again at ten points, but fell behind again. The Dragons finally caught them at nineteen points, and pulled ahead in the final moments of the game, winning 25-20.

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