Thursday, November 12, 2015

Mustangs thank Faith Zachar for 20 years of Pincher Creek football

Josh Davis

Following Pincher Creek Mustangs awards ceremony at the conclusion of their wrap up party on Sunday November 8, coach Dan Crawford took to the stage and delivered a tribute to Mustangs leading lady Faith Zachar.  The Mustangs completed their 20th season this year, and Zachar has been at the head of the organization the whole time.

Following Crawford's speech. excerpted below, former and current Mustangs presented Zachar with gifts and 20 yellow roses, one for each year of Pincher Creek Mustangs Football.  The respect, admiration, and genuine and deep affection that generations of Mustangs have for Faith was very evident.

"It starts with a thought, and idea, a little tiny peek into the future that inspires you to make a difference," said Dan Crowford at the beginning of his speech, after directing Faith, apparently unsuspecting of what was to come, to a comfortable chair on the stage. "How big is that difference? You will never know until you take that first step. Over twenty years ago, long before many of you were born, a lady wanted to make a difference for her son and his friends. Now I'm not going to say it was easy, and I'm not going to say it was all fun, but twenty years ago this season, the very first Pincher Creek Mustangs team hit the field. Every detail from what to call this organization, to what colour of jerseys do we need to purchase to field the team had to be decided. Can we join a league? Who do we have to contact about insurance? Will anyone come out to coach? How many footballs do we need to purchase? The list goes on and on and on," said Dan.

"This season is the 20th year of Mustang football. I have compiled a list of people who have been associated the Mustangs, including players, cheerleaders and coaches. I know I have missed some, but my list has 512 people on it! That is worth celebrating. Thanks to all who have showed up tonight to help us celebrate our incredible history."

"So many things have changed over the years, players, coaches, equipment. The one thing that stands tall throughout all the seasons is leadership. Many people have taken on the roles of coach, director, equipment manager, treasurer. One person has held on to the dream that she had through the good times and the not so easy times. She made a difference. How big is that difference? We are still finding out as we watch our Mustang Alumni change from players to young adults, into parents and leaders of our community and beyond."

Mustangs memorabilia from Faith Zachar's 20 year collection on display at banquet
"The players who wear the Mustang jerseys today are earning many of the same things that our very first version of the Pincher Creek Mustangs learned twenty years ago: The value of teamwork, respect is earned not demanded, there are people who care about you, you are important. These ideals and many more are carried off the field and into your lives to be used wherever you go."

"Mustang football is not just for the players. We as coaches and parents are allowed to watch from the sidelines of your lives as you learn who you are and begin to grow into the responsible young adults you will become. Our hope is that we've made a difference."

More Mustangs memorabilia
"I followed my sons into football in Pincher Creek seven years ago. From that time I have had the opportunity to learn from Faith what it means to make a difference. I have seen firsthand what it takes to make football flourish in our town. I have spent many hours in Faith's office as she worked out the details for the next football year. Through that time I have grown to appreciate what a special person she is and how lucky we are to have her. Make some time in your busy lives to spend some time with this incredible lady. You will experience life as very few people ever will."

Faith was invited up to the stage, and was presented with gifts and flowers as Mustangs, former and current,  joined the stage and members of the audience and press took photographs of the impressive assembly.

Mustangs celebrate Faith Zachar
"You will always be a Pincher Creek Mustang," closed Dan.  "What kind of difference will you make in someone's life?"

Stay tuned for our upcoming story about this year's Mustangs awards.

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