Tuesday, November 3, 2015

A win and a loss for Bantam Ducks

Josh Davis

The Bantam Pincher Creek/Crowsnest Pass Ducks took to the ice on Halloween, facing the Fort Macleod Mavericks at Pincher Creek’s MCC Arena. The Ducks were defeated on home ice, but showed great improvement throughout all three periods. They won 8-5 the following day against Lethbridge Red at the Hendersen Ice Centre in Lethbridge.

The Mavericks scored four goals in the first period: one by #21 Netz Vance, one by #25 Easton Weaselhead, one by #10 Tate Healy, and one by #4 Ethan Grier, who got one assist in the period. The Mavericks were in total control of this period, keeping the puck on Duck ice and taking lots of shots at the net.

The Ducks played a much better game in the second period. The Mavericks #15 Thunder Crowshoe got the Mavericks sole goal of the second at with 13:46 left on the clock.

The third period of the game was the closes yet. The Ducks scored two goals in it: one by #13 Hunter Gudmundson, assisted by #15 Landen Yakubowski, and one unassisted goal by #2 Easton Fitzpatrick. The Mavericks scored three goals in this period. #16 Brandi Yellow Wings scored one, and Weaselhead and Healy scored the other two.

“The first period they were a little slow, coming on out of the gate. Second and third they built, but they’ve still got more in the tank than what they’ve showed,” said Ducks Assistant Coach Rory Snider. We’ll go back and do some work. With combining the two communities we’ve got kids that haven’t played with each other, so it’s kind of a learning process in the culture we’re trying to create.”

“Last season some of these kids played on different teams. Some played at Double A, and some played house. Some of these kids I’ve never seen play before this season,” said Snider. The biggest thing is we’re in a learning phase, trying to figure things out, and trying to come together as a group of kids. It’s about trying to create that culture to make sure that we’re on the same page.”

Snider said that the biggest reason for the improvement between periods was the discussions the team has between periods. “We try and build off of the things that we’ve done well, and try to polish the things that we need to work on, and just try to get them riled up. We always talk about the score still being 0-0, and we don’t change our attitude, we just keep the approach the same. No matter what the score is we go on out and do our best.”

“There’s a lot of different things we’ve been trying to work on. Kids playing in different positions this year, so we’re really trying to teach. There’s a big learning curve for some, so we’re just trying to get sorted out where we should be as a team.”

“If you don’t push yourself you’ll never know how far you’ll go,” said Snider. “Our biggest strength is just the friendships we’re creating. They’re a good group of kids. They seem to be eager. We talk to them as students of the game, and they seem to be buying into that. They’re hungry to learn, and we’re willing to teach.”

The Ducks did well they following day, defeating Lethbridge Red 8-5. four of those goals were scored by #9 Spencer Dorge, with one each to Gudmundson, #7 Sante Canderan, #14 Tate Canderan and #17 Declan French.

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