Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Accessibility concerns brought to town council's attention

Toni Lucas

A citizen sent a letter to council for Town of Pincher Creek regarding their observations about being a citizen in a wheelchair or a motor scooter. During council's regular meeting of Monday, November 9 this letter was discussed. Concerns raised by the citizen included washroom accessibility, steep ramps, narrow aisles in shopping areas, businesses with no ramps or ramps that are too steep, and counter heights. The author of the letter said they had issues with mobility in both private business areas and public areas, mentioning the library specifically.

Councillor Lorne Jackson said he has noticed there is no crosswalk between the Pincher Creek Health Centre facilities and Koegler's Pharmasave. "Some things are beyond our control," said Jackson, talking about the areas that are town owned compared to private business. The letter to council states "Now you may say the examples I gave you concern individual businesses who must make the accessibility decision, however if there is no leadership from council on this matter nothing will be done - do you have a group of advisors who are handicapped in a committee advising you?" Council decided to contact the citizen for further input and involve the Operations Committee for future development.

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