Friday, November 20, 2015

Conditional discharge for man who assaulted Fort Macleod Mayor

Chris Davis

In the case of an assault on Fort Macleod Mayor Rene Gendre, Fort Macleod citizen Trent Moranz entered a plea of guilty to the criminal charge of causing bodily harm in Fort Macleod Provincial Court on November 18 and was subsequently given a conditional discharge.  Moranz was approached by Gendre inside a local gas station on July 25, 2015.  Moranz refused to speak to Gendre, and instead took Gendre outside, pushing Gendre and ripping his shirt.  Part of the altercation was captured by a security camera.  Gendre asserts he suffered multiple injuries in the assault, but according to an article by Clear Sky Radio (CJOC FM) News Director Pat Siedlecki details of those injuries were not given in court.

Moranz received a conditional discharge, a fine,  and six months probation and is to have no contact with Gendre during that time.  If Moranz abides by the conditions of his probation he will not have a criminal record.

Gendre said in a press release after the judgement "With regards to the above issue, whereby I was treated in two separate hospital visits for being beaten: black and blue on my arms, across the kidney area of my lower back, and down inside and outside of my left leg (my Achilles tendon had been surgically reattached only 4 weeks prior), and received soft tissue injury to my neck and lower back."

"I’m glad it’s over. It was disheartening watching the blood sport bullies during the trial prior to and after the sentencing. However, after the sentence was announced I was embarrassed and saddened for Mr. Moranz’s family for what they have had to go through because of this event. Hopefully, now that this issue of turning to physical violence to settle an issue has been ‘settled’ by RCMP and court action, perhaps the Town may be able to move forward in a more positive light."

Gendre claims the assault was politically motivated. He has been under sanctions from Fort Macleod Town Council since June 26, 2014 for a complex variety of reasons.

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