Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Crestview Lodge October 2015 highlights

Greetings From Crestview Lodge

October was fantastic! We had so many volunteers and guests, who came and visited us at Crestview that we cannot mention them all, but we appreciate seeing them each month with all our hearts!

For National Seniors’ Day we had a small program put on by Connie Robinson and Charmaine Tienkamp, then a trio of made up of Phil Lethbridge, Jackie Therriault and Ed Desjardins came and entertained us. Connie and Char gave out certificates of thanks to all residents along with a small gift of a squeeze ball on a key chain, to help exercise our arthritic hands. We were joined by James Litkowski and his partner. James brought greetings from the Town of Pincher Creek in honor of the seniors residing at Crestview Lodge. Dancing, cake and coffee followed with plenty of laughter, it was a festive afternoon.

Craig West Music came to entertain us on October the 8th. Craig, his wife, and their children were all very entertaining. Craig played guitar and sang, his wife played the piano, and their children sang and danced. We were all amazed by his talent as Craig is totally blind. The residents would love for them to come back again soon.

Boyd Low came the next day to entertain, he is always fun to have come to Crestview. Boyd plays our favorite toe tapping oldies that we love to sing along to. He also spoils us with his jokes and fun prizes; it is an afternoon full of laughs when Boyd comes to entertain.

Pub Night was on the 16th of October. The Kunkels came to entertain, all the way from the Great Canadian Barn Dance, what a wonderful delight. They don’t often get away, so when they did, we snatched them up quick as could be. We really have many talented people here in Pincher Creek and area and we thank them so much for treating us to their wonderful talents!

On the 21st we went to Vista Village to their Tea and Bazaar. Congrats to Melanie Walker and staff on a great job! We had fun chatting with old friends and enjoying all the goodies placed before us to eat. When we went to do some shopping in the recreation room, wow what a sight! So many yummy items to choose from and delightful gift items too. We all left with arms and bellies full.

On the 23rd we had our own in-house Breast Cancer Awareness Fundraising Tea. We dressed in pink, with pink stick on bras to wear in the spirit of the day’s activity. Dovie Bruder our night cook baked some beautiful cookies for us to enjoy, which she iced with the Breast Cancer Ribbon. Thank you Dovie! We had a draw for two door prizes and the winners were, Irene C. and Barb B. Frank B. and Galt Baalim wore the pink stick on bras and had their pictures posted in Shootin’ the Breeze; it is wonderful to see the men out supporting a great cause!

We were able to squeeze in one more bus tour with Farley Wuth on the 27th. It was a fantastic tour all over town and wow, the information Farley has stored in his head is amazing! We learned about so many homesteads, founding families and the history of buildings and businesses. It sure brings back lots of memories for the residents. They chatted and laughed about times they were in or lived in the neighborhoods we visited. We have really enjoyed the tours we have taken with Farley guiding us this year both in and out of town, for many it brings back memories.

Finally Halloween arrived, we decorated pumpkins and filled candy bags for the children who came to our house trick or treating. We always enjoy seeing the children dressed up in their costumes as little clowns and ghouls. Tracy Glen carved a huge pumpkin, grown in our garden here at Crestview Lodge. We had a competition to “guess the weight of the pumpkin”; 50 cents a guess. For another entertaining afternoon we had a mystery auction. We used play money to bid for all kinds of silly items that the successful bidder would reveal, it was great fun and we shared lots of laughter. On Friday the 30th all the staff and residents dressed up in Halloween Costumes and to top it off two of our residents celebrated their birthdays that day; fun was had by all! 

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