Friday, November 20, 2015

John Barlow named as Official Opposition Deputy Critic

Foothills Member of Parliament John Barlow
Conservative Party of Canada press release

High River, AB - The Hon. Rona Ambrose, Leader of the Official Opposition and Interim Leader of the Conservative Party, announced today the Official Opposition Shadow Cabinet. With the announcement, John Barlow was named deputy critic for Employment, Workforce and Labour.

"I believe the team we have assembled will be the strongest Official Opposition this country has ever seen," said Ms. Ambrose. “I am proud to lead this team of talented and respected individuals from across Canada. Together, we will ask the Government the tough questions and hold them to account.”

Over 5.6 million Canadians voted for the Conservative Party on October 19, leading to one of the strongest oppositions to a majority government in Canadian history. The Conservatives will form a strong opposition and ensure hard-working Canadians and their families are protected and the country's finances kept in check.

“I was happy to receive the call from Ms. Ambrose asking if I would serve in the Shadow Cabinet for the Official Opposition as Deputy Critic for Employment, Workforce and Labour. I look forward to my new role and being an effective member of such a dynamic team,” said John Barlow. “With the economic downturn it is critical we have strong advocates for Alberta’s resource sector and the small businesses, communities and employees who rely on those industries. I look forward to being that voice.”

For a complete listing of the newly appointed shadow cabinet, please follow this link:

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