Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Jr girls volleyball – Sabres host Halton Hawks

Josh Davis

On Thursday October 29 Livingstone High School’s junior girls Sabres volleyball dream hosted Matthew Halton’s Hawks. Both teams were evenly matched, but the Hawks came out ahead in the end after winning all three sets.

The Hawks won the first set by a wide margin, 25-9.  However, the Sabres were not yet down and out. Both teams played a close second set. The Hawks took a slight lead early in it. The Sabres briefly turned the tables on the Hawks, but the Hawks caught them at twelve points before taking the lead. From then on both teams traded evenly to the finish, and the Hawks won this set 25-19.

The pattern was clear in the third set. The Hawks would gain the lead. Then the Sabres would play hard to catch them up, even briefly taking the lead. The Sabres won this close set 24-26.

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