Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Last week in Pincher Creek hockey

Peewee Chinooks vs South Country Sabres
J. Davis photos/video
Stories below:
RHL: Kainai Braves defeat Piikani 
Atom Chinooks update/upcoming home tournament
Peewees Chinooks defeat South County Sabres
Bantam Ducks defeat Lethbridge 3
Midget Huskies moved to CAHL Tier 1

Kainai Braves defeat Piikani during Countdown to Christmas

Josh Davis - On Friday November 20, 2015, following the Parade of Lights Piikani hosted their Kainai counterparts at Pincher Creek's MCC arena for the Piikani Senior Hockey Team's season opener. Following this Coach Crowshoe introduced his team to the audience. Kainai won the game 17-7. The Following day Piikani played Eden Valley, winning 42-35.

Update on the Atom Chinooks, upcoming home tournament

Josh Davis - The Atom Chinooks played three games over the weekend, losing two and tying one. On Saturday, November 21 the Chinooks played the Raymond A Ice at the MCC Arena. The Chinooks looked greatly improved by the third period, but the Ice won 8-2.

The Ice scored two goals early in the first period, one unassisted by #12 Gunner Ravoy, and one by #21 Brody Smith assisted by #17 Grady VandenHoek. The Chinooks held them there for the rest of the period, but they needed a goal to get back in it.

VandenHoek scored two rapid fire goals of his own at the start of the second period. The Chinooks were making a lot of shots on the Ice's net, but they weren't getting through. #21 Brody Smith scored two more goals for the Ice, with one more assist by VandenHoek. With 1:54 left in the period #2 Lane Conley scored the Chinooks' first goal of the game unassisted.

The third period was the Chinooks best period of the game, and #12 Jayden Draper scored one goal. The Ice scored two goals in this period. VandenHoek snuck one into the corner just over halfway through the period, and then later got another in when put in a one-on-one scenario with Chinooks goaltender #26 Zach Hann.

On Sunday November 22 the Atom Chinooks played two games at the MCC Arena: One against the Picture Butte Blades, which they tied 9-9, and one against the Foremost Flyers which they lost 11-6. 

The Atom Chinooks have their home  tournament scheduled for next weekend, November 27-29 at the MCC Arena. On Friday the tournament is scheduled to start at 6:45 pm with the Chinooks vs Lethbridge Lightning and end at 10:30 pm. On Saturday, it is scheduled to start at 8:00 am and end at 8:00 pm, with Chinooks games at 8:00 am and 4:00 pm. On Sunday it is scheduled to start at 8:00 am and end at 2:00 pm. The time of Chinooks' games will vary depending on how they perform on Saturday.

Peewee Chinooks defeat South County Sabres

Josh Davis - On Saturday November 21 the Peewee Chinooks took to the ice, hosting Warner's South County Sabres. The Chinooks defeated the Sabres 6-3.

In the first period of the game Chinooks took control of the puck and were taking a lot of shots. The Chinooks scored two goals in the first period, one by #12 Alex Comeau assisted by #8 Caleb Evans, and another by #6 Riley Potts, assisted by #21 Kieran Randall. Chinooks goaltender #1 Koltyn Kipling was in good form during the period, stopping every shot made on him, even one-on-one.

In the second period the Chinooks scored 3 goals. One went to #27 Rhett Fitzpatrick, assisted by #3 Christian Berthiaume and #18 Shenoa Jessen. Randall scored the second goal of the period, assisted by Evans and Deley. The third was scored by Comeau, assisted by Randall.

The Sabres opened up the third period with a goal, by #16 Matthew Austin, and #17 Griffen McCulloch followed it up with their second goal of the game. With 9:17 on the clock Berthiaume scored for the Chinooks, assisted by Evans. The Sabres #7 Peyton Poncelet scored the final goal of the game with 3:51 on the clock, bringing the score to 6-3.

The Peewee Chinooks are next scheduled to play on Saturday, November 28 at 9:30 am in Picture Butte against the Picture Butte Blades.

Bantam Ducks defeat Lethbridge 3

Josh Davis - On Saturday November 21 the Pincher Creek/Crowsnest Pass Bantam Ducks hockey team hosted Lethbridge 3 at the MCC Arena in Pincher Creek. The Ducks played aggressively, ultimately winning 10-4.

The Ducks scored seven goals in the first period to Lethbridge's two. #9 Spencer Dorge and #14 Sante Canderan scored two each, with one each to #7 Matthew Merrit, #8 Jace Lewis, and #17 Declan French, and assists to Dorge, #10 Snider Colby, and #5 Brayden Scotton. #4 Noah Lebleu and #10 Josh McDonald scored one each for Lethbridge.

In the second period Dorge scored two more goals for the Chinooks, with an assist from #18 Lyndon Ewen.  Sabres #13 Adam Kruk scored a single goal in this period.

In the third period each team scored a single goal. Lewis scored one for the Chinooks, assisted by Dorge. For the Sabres #16 Skyler Nagoya scored on a power play, assisted by both #19 Shandin Smith and Kruk.

At the Ducks' previous away game against Redcliff on Saturday November 8 Redcliff won 7-3. #8 Jace Lewis scored two of those goals while #7 Matthew Merrit scored one. The day before they defeated Chestermere in Chestermere 6-1. #9 Spencer Dorge and #14 Sante Canderan scored two of those goals each, with one goal each to #7 Matthew Merritt and #13 Hunter Gudmundson.

The Ducks are next scheduled to play Airdrie at Airdrie's Genesis Place on Saturday November 28 at 1:45 pm. They are then scheduled to play Canmore at 11:30 am at the Canmore Recreation Centre/Alex Kaleta rink on the following day, Sunday November 29.

Midget Huskies moved to CAHL Tier 1

Josh Davis - The Midget Huskies have moved up two tiers following the end of tiering rounds earlier this month, and are now playing in Tier 1 of the Central Alberta Hockey League. 

On Saturday, November 21 they played Canmore at the Canmore Recreation Centre /Thelma Crowe rink. Canmore won this game 6-2. #23 Craig Marshall scored one goal towards the end of the second period, assisted by #4 Tyson Goodreau and #20 Keiran Douglas. In the third period #15 Levi Anderson scored another goal, assisted by #9 Nicholas Jordan.

The Huskies are next scheduled to play Stettler's tier 1 team  at 6:45 pm on Saturday November 28, and then Airdrie the following day at 12:00 noon, with both games to be held at the Crowsnest Sports Complex.

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