Friday, November 27, 2015

Livingstone School Italian Night raises over $8000 for Grad 2016

Livingstone School 2016 Graduating Class
K. Jorgenson photos
Kim Jorgenson

On Friday, November 20th families turned out at the Cowley Hall to help raise funds for the 2016 Livingstone School Grad Class. The students held a very successful Italian Night spaghetti supper along with the popular silent auction tables. One family donated a beautiful Lazy Susan that was carved years ago by Mr. Gary Hackler. As always the highlight of the evening was Bob Westrop helping the grad students auction their pies and cakes off to the highest bidder.

Auctioneer Bob Westrop
Mr. Chad Jensen and Mrs. Mary Krizan walked away with their favorite picks of the night and the Nobles family very generously purchased four cakes. Mrs. Bonnie Kaack, the school’s librarian, won the first door prize draw of a beautiful Christmas Tree pot. This is the only fundraiser the Livingstone School Grad Class does to raise funds for graduation and it is all made possible by the support of their family and friends. A big thank you to all who attended and gave a helping hand.

Bingo Wheel To Draw for Dinner - Mrs. Krizan was table 19
 Special thanks to Ms. Verbaas and Mr. Jensen for coordinating the event.

Over $8000 was raised during the evening which will help offset expenses of the Graduation 2016 celebration on May 6, 2016.

Brandon Hilbert
Cakes and pies waiting for auction

Chelby Glen taking bids
Chris Cail displaying his cheesecake
Cooking Crew - Ms. Verbaas, Morgan Nobles, Mr. Jensen, Brandon Hilbert
Finally Mrs. Krizan at table 19 got to have her supper
Jayden Hucik with an M&M dessert
Kori Theresa and Mary Blomgren serving supper
Kori Theresa with a pecan pie
Josie Wiebe and Chris Cail serving supper
Josie Wiebe, Jayden Hucik, Chelby Glen, Ethan Paridaen
Josie Wiebe, Ryan Grove, Ross Cook
Mary Blomgren and Jessi Schalla
Mary Blomgren with her red velvet cupcakes to auction
Mrs. Kaack and her son Mats won the first door prize draw

* Corrected for accuracy.  Kori Theresa was previously named incorrectly in this article.  Our apologies.

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