Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Mrs. P's anniversary an emotional event

Loretta Packham (centre) with staff members Cindy Jackson (left) and Gail Robinson (right)

Toni Lucas

Many people gather to watch the parade of Lights get ready at the Ranchland Mall every year, and a some regularly have their Friday night supper at Mrs. P's Coffee Corner in the mall.  On Friday, November 20, with the excitement of the parade and other events and the rush of dinner, Mrs. P's owner and namesake Loretta Packham may have been too busy to notice some odd behavior. Friends, family, and clients had gathered to surprise her and celebrate the 21st anniversary of her opening the popular coffee shop/restaurant.

Town councillor Lorne Jackson and Loretta Packham
She was called out front where a video presentation was played.  Much of it was still photos of times throughout the existence of Mrs. P's, however their were also video greetings from people who could not attend.  Looking at the pictures flashing on the screen, Packham's eyes welled up.  "You guys had to go digging for all this," she said at one point.  Along with friends. staff, and customers featured in the show, there were a lot of clips of all of the seasonal decorating she is famous for.

Councillor Lorne Jackson (a frequent customer) offered congratulations from the Town of Pincher Creek, and some personal thoughts on the event.  "Your manner is always so warm and welcoming, regardless of whether or not you are actually having a good day.  That is a quality more of us should aspire to.  If we did, the world would be a much better place to live."

"It is obvious how much pride you have not only in your establishment, but also for ensuring your clientele have a unique and wonderful visits here."

"Thank you all very much, and I love you all very dearly," said Loretta Packham who was obviously overcome by the attention.  Packham made an effort to let everyone know she was not sure if she started the coffee shop 19, 20, or 21 years ago.

Some pictures from the Pincher Creek Voice archives (various photographers)

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