Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Peewee Chinooks host Cardston Thunder

Josh Davis

On Saturday October 31, the Peewee Chinooks hockey team hosted Cardston’s Thunder 1 at the MCC Arena. The Thunder playrd well, but the Chinooks took a huge lead in the first period, eventually winning 11-7.

The Chinooks scored seven goals in the first period: two each to #6 Riley Potts and #8 Caleb Evans, and one each to #27 Rhett Fitzpatrick, #21 Kieran Randall, and #5 Logan Deley with assists by Potts, #9 Code Ames, #18 Shonua Jesson, and #3 Christian Berthiaume. The Thunder got two goals, one by #19 Kingzinton Whiteman and one by #7 Graedon Woodward.

The Thunder gained four points to the Chinooks two in the second period, and looked like they may have been poised for a comeback. Woodward scored two goals midway through the second. Shortly following these two goals Potts scored his third goal of the game for the Chinooks, assisted by #28 Cory Dyck. Following this Thunders #8 Hunter Heavy Runner scored another goal. Potts then scored his fourth goal of the game, assisted by #4 Connor Stuckey. But Woodward still had time to score his second goal of the game with over one minute left in the period. Both teams faced two minute penalties in the second period.

However, the Chinooks came out well ahead, scoring two touchdowns to the Thunder’s one. Potts scored both of them, assisted once by Evans, and once by Stuckey and #2 Jaron Scotten.  Thunder's Graedon Woodward got his third goal of the game, but too late.  11-7 Chinooks.  The Thunder served six minutes of penalty time in the third period, and the Chinooks had no penalties in the period.

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