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Pincher Creek Town Council briefs from Nov. 9, 2015 meeting

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Council for Town of Pincher Creek met at the regular meeting of Monday, November 9, 2015. In attendance were councillors Lorne Jackson, Doug Thornton, Mark Barber, Jim Litkowski, Wayne Elliott, and Mayor Don Anderberg. CAO Laurie Wilgosh was also in attendance. There were no delegations at this meeting. The next regular meeting of Pincher Creek town council is scheduled for 6:00 pm on Monday, November 23.
  • In camera from October 26, 2015 meeting and additional notes
  • Deputy Mayor appointments
  • Fluoridation survey to be reviewed in the spring
  • Regionalization of garbage pick-up discussed 
  • Property pin survey concerns addressed
  • Councillor Jim Litkowski to attend Fort Macleod Santa Claus Parade

In camera from October 26, 2015 meeting

Council for the Town of Pincher Creek discussed approving the housing plan redevelopment of the site plan for the fire hall in the amount of $2,900 plus GST to be provided by JMAA Architecture and to proceed with JMAA Architecture providing a 3D marketing drawing for a two story development of the transitional housing model at a cost of $2,450 plus GST.

That Council discussed the authorization and approval of an amended 3 year lease agreement with the curling club dated September 1, 2015.  

Council discussed the authorizing of the mayor, two councillors and or administration to attend a meeting in Calgary with land developers.

Deputy Mayor appointments

Council for the Town of Pincher Creek appointed Councillor Jackson as Deputy Mayor for the period of November 1, 2015 to June 30, 2016 and Councillor Litkowski as Deputy Mayor for the period of July 1, 2016 to February 28, 2017.

Fluoridation survey to be reviewed in the spring

During the regular meeting of council on August 24, 2015 citizen Greg Hession addressed concerns regarding water fluoridation. Council deferred his information to the Operations Committee and they are presently reviewing the topic. The Operations Committee discussed water fluoridation, its benefits and down falls and suggested Council direct administration to thank Hession for his presentation and concerns.  Administration is to advise him the Town currently is running an online survey on the subject that is being monitored regularly. The results from the survey will be brought back for review in the spring of 2016. Councillor Wayne Elliott said of the current results of the survey, "It's neck and neck."

Regionalization of garbage pick-up discussed

Council decided to agree in principle with regional solid waste collection in partnership with the Crowsnest/Pincher Creek Landfill Association (CPCLA). The regionalization of garbage pick-up to include the Crowsnest Pass, Town of Pincher Creek, Village of Cowley, and MD of Pincher Creek. Currently decisions made by the Association are on a vote system. Because the Association was formed before the amalgamation of the communities in The Crowsnest Pass, they receive three votes in the Association while the Town of Pincher Creek, the Village of Cowley, and The MD of Pincher Creek receive one vote each. Council voted to agree to the regionalization of pick up in priciple with the provision that the Crowsnest Pincher Creek Landfill Association (CPCLA) members are open to negotiating the terms and conditions of the regional solid waste proposal and Landfill governance model.  Councillor Thornton said the landfill has been in operation since the mid seventies. "Things have changed since 1976." Thornton voiced concerns about a recent proposal from the CPCLA, "It left a lot of questions unanswered. Those need to be answered before we, as the Town of Pincher Creek can agree or disagree."

Property pin survey concerns addressed

Council recommended to approve the use of certified Alberta Land Surveyors to properly locate property pins. Previously if a citizen made a request to locate their property pins they could to pay a deposit of twenty-five dollars, have a short training session on the operation of the pin locating device, and go out on their own with a pin locator. Administration has expressed concern over this process, writing, "This process has created some discrepancies and read-errors on properties throughout Pincher Creek." Going forward the administration will provide a citizen who requests assistance to find the boundaries for their property with the contact information of a number of professional land surveyor agencies.

Councillor Jim Litkowski to attend Fort Macleod Santa Claus Parade

The Town of Fort Macleod has invited the Town of Pincher Creek to participate in the annual Santa Claus Parade on Saturday November 28, 2015. Councillor Jim Likowski agreed to attend. This year the theme is 'A Christmas Miracle on 24th Street'.

Links to additional stories from same council meeting of Monday, November 9:

The regular meeting was followed by an in camera session, which was to address land and legal concerns.

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