Friday, November 6, 2015

Season ends for Senior Mustangs

Flag bearer at Mustangs vs Cobras game in Claresholm
B. Hale photos/vid
  • The 2015/16 season ended November 6 for Pincher Creek's Senior Mustangs with an away loss to Claresholm's Cobras.

Brandy Hale

Loading up the Pincher Creek Senior Mustangs equipment trailer, getting ready to head to Claresholm on Friday November 6, the mood was high. We had group of excited and confident young men ready to take the win and the Zones banner home. It was cold and windy but they weren't going to let that stop them. They hit the field full of enthusiasm. The crowd that traveled all the way there to cheer on their boys were ready for them to bring the win. 

Mustangs former head coach/fan Dennis Sokownin had this to say:

From the first kick it was apparent that the Cobras wanted the win just as bad, and they brought their A game.

Play after play the Mustangs just couldn't seem to find their groove. Going into the second half of the game they were down by 28 points and even though they tried they just couldn't seem to find the end zone. The boys fought hard and left it all on the field but the final score was 42-0 for the Cobras.

That ended the season for the Mustangs and the Zones banner was awarded to the Cobras, who now move on in their own quest for Provincials.

I wish I could blame the loss on the one-sided reffing or the injuries but in the end the Cobras fought hard and the Mustangs couldn't do anything to stop them. The Mustangs held their heads high as they walked off the field. For some of them it was the last time they would play as Mustangs. They should all be proud of the season they had.

Dennis Sokownin

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