Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Spray Park Society receives donations from TransAlta and Abundant Springs

TransAlta's Wayne Oliver with Spray Park rep Jen Draper
Adam Grose photos
Toni Lucas

The Pincher Spray Park Society was recently the recipient of a small flood of donations raised by forward-thinking fundraisers. TransAlta Safety and Technical Training Specialist Wayne Oliver presented the group with a donation of seven cheques totaling $5,027.53.  The unusual dollar amount came about because the amount was raised from selling scrap metal over a period of time.

Spray Park Society Co-chair Jen Draper said everyone on the committee was amazed when they found out the amount of the donation, and are obviously very appreciative to Wayne Oliver and TransAlta for their unique way of coming up with fundraising dollars.

Jen Draper accepting $668 cheque from Abundant Springs Pentecostal Assembly Pastor Stephen Valcourt

Another highly appreciated recent donation was from The Car Smash Spray Park Fundraiser during Harvest Festival at Ranchland Mall in September. The Car Smash was sponsored by the Abundant Springs Community Church and raised $668 for the cause.

Draper said she believes roughly $10,000 has been raised to date in donations, with another $100,000 from the Town of Pincher Creek.  "We're extremely pleased with the generosity the community has shown thus-forth."  Draper said they are accepting donations through the bottle depot as well.

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