Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Statement from Premier Rachel Notley on Remembrance Day

Premier Rachel Notley provided the following statement on Remembrance Day, 2015:

“On November 11, the same day the guns went silent in World War 1, let us all reflect upon the courage of ordinary men and women who were called upon to perform extraordinary acts of heroism and sacrifice. Thousands of Albertans answered that call with pride and patriotism.

“Remembrance Day reminds us that the freedoms we enjoy came at a terrible cost. Those who served were separated from their loved ones. Many were left with physical and emotional wounds. Many others never returned home.

“That sacrifice continues into the present day, as the women and men in our armed forces continue to give so much – from time spent away from their families, to their very lives – to serve others in conflict zones, natural disasters and humanitarian crisis situations. We have much to remember, and a debt we can never repay.

“This Remembrance Day we also honour the 100th anniversary of John McCrae’s immortal poem, In Flanders Fields. That poem gave us the enduring symbol of remembrance, the poppy.

“So this Remembrance Day, please wear a poppy to show respect for Canadians in uniform, past and present. Remember with gratitude the price paid for our many freedoms. And thank those who continue to serve us and our country.”

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