Sunday, November 1, 2015

Sweeping changes at Canyon School

Kindergarten Teacher Muriel McPherson receives class broom from Emily Osborn

Toni Lucas

Canyon School held an assembly on Tuesday, October 27. Principal David Fender was asked by MCs Cayde Clark and Abi Rigaux to address the students. Fender spoke of the Halloween Carnival 'witch' Canyon was going to celebrate last Friday. A few other things discussed included announcing the winners of the First Student Bus Safety Poster winners from the school (click here for that story).  The popular Mathletics Program will continue.  Fender also announced the newest initiative: The Golden Broom Award. Although awarded just before Halloween, it has nothing to do with witches or the game of quidditch. The Golden Broom is an award which will be given to the classroom that is kept the tidiest throughout the week.

Mayz Vance, Austin Willms, and Principal Fender
The first ever winners of this trophy were the grade 5 class.  Two Grade 5 students were chosen for their tidy desk habits.  Austin Willms and Mayz Vance came to the front and were asked not only to receive the award, but to help create it out of a broom and spray paint.  Going forward there will be stiff competition as each class will vie for the right to have the award in their classroom during the week.  Each classroom was then given a broom and dustpan to help them compete more effectively.

Emcees Abi Rigaux and Cayde Clark

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