Thursday, November 5, 2015

Westwinds Girls volleyball – Sabres host Eagles

Josh Davis

On Thursday October 29 Livingstone High School’s Sabres Girls volleyball team hosted Immanuel Christian School’s Eagles for the final home Sabres home game of the season. The Sabres were looking much improved from the previous week, but were defeated by the Eagles in both the JV and SV sets. The evening was interrupted by multiple fire alarms, which resulted in a temporary evacuation of the school while local firefighters assessed the situation. The cause of alarm was most likely a defective smoke detector, which was detecting smoke where there was no smoke. Local firefighters explained that this was possibly caused by dust that had settled on the alarm.

The Eagles took a big lead at the start of their first JV set. The Eagles demonstrated excellent teamwork and positioning, winning the first set 25-12.

Both teams traded evenly at the start of the second set, with the Sabres taking a slight lead early in it. However, the Eagles slowly gained the lead, winning 25-17.

The Sabres were demoralized in the third set, and the Eagles capitalized on it, making a wide margin 25-7 victory.

The first SV set was interrupted by the fire alarm, which continued to go off in spurts throughout the night. The Sabres held their own at the start of the set, staying close to the Eagles. However, the Eagles consolidated their lead, winning 25-13.

The second set of this late night game was the closest of the night, and marked by long rallies. The Eagles gained a substantial lead early on, but the Sabres played hard to catch up, bringing the gap down to two points. The Eagles regained control of the ball at this point, and won the set 25-20.

The Eagles gained an early lead in the third SV set, and won 25-14. However, despite what the scoreboard said, the Sabres were looking stronger than previous sets of the night, working well together as a team.

“They were a little slow in the beginning, and then they warmed up and they did really well for their second game,” said coach Dawn Heerschap for the Sabres. “The seniors brought it back really well.”

Both coaches agreed that the fire alarm didn’t effect they Sabres performance that night. “If anything it gave them a chance to relax a little bit, and get them back into the game,” said Anne Molnar.

“It’s been off and on,” said Heerschap of the Sabres performance as the season wraps up. “We’ve had our really great moments. Overall I think we’ve had a great team. We’ve had a really good year.”

The Junior Varsity and Senior Varsity girls were defeated by Crowsnest pass the following game Monday, November 2. The Junior Varsity and Senior Varsity boys Sabres won both of their final games against the Crowsnest Pass.

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