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2015 Pincher Creek Winter Lights

First Place - Dupuis family - 375 Canyon Crescent
Sienna, Jerry, and Lisa, Dupuis with Diane Burt Stuckey (son Braeden not pictured)

Second Place - Shirley Johnson - 1092 Albert Avenue
Third Place - Landon and Jennifer Williams - 908 Wilderness Ave.
Pictured - Landon Williams and Diane Burt-Stuckey
2015 Christmas lights and sights in the Pincher Creek area

Toni Lucas
Photos: Toni Lucas, Chris Davis, Josh Davis

Pincher Creek's community spirit has been well displayed this Christmas season, with imaginative and colorful light displays on almost every block.  On Wednesday evening December 9 judges toured the town to decide this year's Winter Lights Competition winners.  The competition was once again sponsored by Pincher Creek's Communities In Bloom (CIB) committee and Perfect Posies Greenhouse.  This was the sixth iteration of the event, which began in 2010. Displays were judged based on overall impact, visual appeal, uniqueness and variety of decorations. Safe, energy efficient and environmentally friendly options were encouraged. Prizes were awarded for first, second, and third places, three honourable mentions, and three best groupings (which included 8 homes total). An awards ceremony was held at Perfect Posies a week after the judging on the evening of December 16.

Lisa Dupuis said her first place Canyon Crescent effort would not have been as good of a display without the whole hearted effort her family put into making it extraordinary, including the efforts of her husband Jerry, her daughter Sienna, and her son Braeden (who was unable to attend the awards ceremony).  The Dupuis family earned and Honorable Mention last year.  Second place went to Shirley Johnson's home on Albert Avenue, and third place went to Landon and Jennifer Williams of Wilderness Avenue.

Part of the Dupuis family's first place display
Top 3:
1st Place - 375 Canyon Crescent Jerry and Lisa Dupuis
2nd Place - 1092 Albert Ave - Shirley Johnson
3rd Place - 908 Wilderness Ave. - Landon and Jennifer Williams

Honorable Mention Tyson Henderson and Sariah Brasnett (not pictured) with CIB's Diane Burt-Stuckey

Honorable Mention - Linda Scott (right)

Honorable Mentions:
882 Main Street – Linda Scott
12 Pine Ridge Way- Tyson Henderson and Sariah Brasnett
1030 Hill Ave – Jeremy and Wendy Desjarlais

Best Groupings reps Cherylanne Nazarak (l) and Tom Weekes (r)
Best Groupings reps Melvin and Loretta Packham

Best Groupings:
511 Main Steet – Lorne and Shannon Mitchell
503 Main Street – Jerrad Skierka and Melissa Weatherill
428 Oakwood Ave – Duane and Sherry Bond
435 Oakwood Drive – Alan and Trudi Roth
412 Oakwood Drive – Melvin and Loretta Packham
593 Charlotte Street – Darcy and Cherylanne Nazarek
597 Charlotte Street – Terry Lewis
596 Charlotte Street – Thomas and Lorna Weekes

CIB's John Hancock and Perfect Posies' Marj Starke

CIB's Diane Burt-Stuckey and Perfect Posies' Marj Starke
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