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Appeals board hearing scheduled regarding excavation in Oldman River near Cowley

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Christian Davis
updated Dec. 22 with additional information

The Environmental Appeals Board has scheduled a February 4, 2016 hearing regarding a decision by Alberta Environment and Parks to issue a Water Act Enforcement Order to Ian Sandeman "for allegedly constructing an unauthorized berm and conducting unauthorized excavations of the bed and shore within a waterbody located at SE-21-008-01-W5M in the Municipal District of Pincher Creek, near Cowley, Alberta." Alberta Environment and Parks' decisions were made under the Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act, the Water Act, the Government Organization Act, and the Climate Change and Emissions Management Act.

The Environmental Appeals Board is an independent quasi-judicial body that hears appeals of certain decisions made by Alberta Environment and Parks.

The hearing is scheduled to be held February 4, 2016 at the Lethbridge Hotel and Convention Centre at 310 Scenic Drive, Lethbridge, beginning at 8:30 am. 

The Board's Notice of Hearing contains a deadline of January 7, 2016 for applications from others to make representations before the Board. The Board will, at its discretion, determine if other persons may make representations, and the manner in which·they can be made. Once all parties have been determined, the hearing will be open to the public for viewing only.

Copies of material filed with the Environmental Appeals Board respecting the appeal are available for viewing at the Pincher Creek and District Municipal Library during its normal operating hours or by appointment at the Edmonton office of the Environmental Appeals Board.

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