Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Ask An Addict - CPS video series about fentanyl use

Calgary Police Service

Throughout 2015, illicit fentanyl has become a public health crisis across Alberta and many parts of Canada. We've reached out to an unusual partner to share the real truths behind fentanyl use in Calgary - Meet Reanne.

^ This is the first of a four part series where we presented Reanne with various #AskAnAddict questions as submitted from our social media followers.

^ If Reanne only knew the costs involved when she first tried fentanyl, would she be where she is today? Not only financial costs, but also the collateral damage suffered with a drug addiction. Loss of family, loss of friends, loss of health, and loss of control over her daily schedule to name a few. Watch part 2 in our #AskAnAddict series as she walks us through her monotonous daily routine.

^ Street names, where does it come from, and what’s the difference between ingesting, snorting, and injecting? These are all questions that we posed to an active fentanyl user in Calgary. This is the 3rd video in our #AskAnAddict series where we pose the questions you wanted us to ask.

^ In our final segment of #AskAnAddict with Reanne, she tells us that there is no demographic of a fentanyl user. Bus drivers, teachers, homeless people, and old friends are all caught up in the addiction. And although not all drug users resort to crime to pay for their habit, she does believe that the rise in property crime in Calgary is directly connected to drug abuse.

Despite her advice “Don’t! If someone offers it to you, don’t do it” she confesses that it’s going to take something “really up front and in the face” to make her stop.

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