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Berry Architecture unveils new Crestview Lodge plans

Architect John Berry with Sahra Nodge and Crestview plans
(Crestview plans courtesy Berry Architecture)

Josh Davis

George Berry, CEO of Berry Architecture, gave a presentation at the Crestview Lodge on Wednesday December 9, 2015. The purpose of his presentation was to show the public the new designs for the Crestview Lodge project, and to listen to input before the designs are finalized. Members of Municipal District of Pincher Creek No.9 Council and Pincher Creek Town Council were in attendance, including Town Mayor Don Anderberg and MD Reeve Brian Hammond. Berry outlined the two-phase project, presented the bachelor suite layout as an example, and detailed the proposed floor plan for the two-story facility.

Sahra Nodge introduced Berry.  She also assisted him throughout the presentation. "Welcome to all of the elected officials from our communities, who are a very integral part of the Pincher Creek Foundation," said Nodge.  "Without the support from the Village of Cowley, the MD of Pincher Creek, and the Town of Pincher Creek we wouldn't be at this point today."  She then introduced the crowd to George Berry, and welcomed the various lodge residents in attendance. "We are pretty excited to be here. This is a long time coming. It has had a lot of work put into it."

Architect John Berry
"This has been a wonderful project to work on up to this point in time," said Berry. "I've worked with Millie (Millie Loeffleur, Pincher Foundation CAO and Crestview Lodge Manager) and the board for several years to get to this point. We're really glad to have it come through." Berry explained they are "deep into working drawings," and that his team is currently ahead of schedule. However, he clarified that ideas gathered at the event could still implemented at this point in the project. "We want to have the input, and we want to have the feedback from you coming in to it until the day that it is built."

New lodge front view (Berry Architecture image)

Berry then stated that building the new lodge would be a two-phase project. Phase one would be tearing down the two-story wing to the south, and moving the inhabitants to the lodge. Berry said the addition presents few problems, and he said he expected a three day demolition. Berry stressed that he runs an environmentally sensitive firm. "We will make sure that we tap into some of the environmental considerations as much as is feasibly possible." The construction of the new lodge would also be included in phase one. "The new lodge gets built fully before this one gets demolished," said Berry.

Lodge elevations (Berry Architecture image)
Phase two would begin with the demolition of the current lodge. Phase two will also include landscaping the parking lot, and the covered entryway into the new lodge. “This building will remain operational until residents are able to move from here into their final home,” said Berry. “Nobody here will be displaced by the construction of this project at all.”

Suite layouts (images courtesy Berry Architecture)

Berry's presentation used the layout of a bachelor/studio suite as an example, to better demonstrate the scope and features of the suites.

The new facilities will have 44 bachelor/studio suites, and six 1-bedroom suites. They will be 120 sq ft bigger than the current Crestview Lodge suites. "This one, at 352 square feet, is almost double some of the suites that are currently in here," said Berry, noting that these suites will also include a full bathroom, unlike the current suites. "The corridor is six feet wide. We have recessed entries that are just over a foot recessed. So when you're coming out of your suite door, you're seven feet wide. We do this for a couple of reasons. We want to break up the corridor, and no suite door is directly across from another suite door. And another reason we do that is to ensure emergency access. Handicap accessibility requires two feet on the door side for a wheel chair to go up."

Suite layouts compared (Berry Architecture image)
Berry plans to include a lot of electrical outlets in the rooms, since they are cheap to install during construction and expensive to install later. The studio suite plan includes a sizable sitting area, and a movable partition, allow residents to close off the area when they have guests visiting. "The windows that we use are lower windows," Berry stated, explaining that this will help those in wheelchairs or using walkers. Berry called the studio suites “almost a one bedroom, but with no wall.”

The bathroom in all suites will be fully handicap-accessible, and will use moisture proof gyprock for tile, which is  “almost water proof,” according to Berry. Planning for handicap accessibility extends to the shower, which will be a roll-in shower for wheelchair accessibility.

Berry stressed the important of safety both during construction, and following it. For fire protection the building will include type X gypsum, which is a fire rated wallboard. “Everything is fire rated.” There will be five or six sprinkler heads in each suite. Sprinklers will activate independently of each other, putting out fires locally rather than dousing the whole building. If a potential fire spread, more sprinklers would become active in an attempt to put it out. “We'll work with your fire department to ensure we've got the correct method for how they want to do it.” Smoke and heat detectors will be installed, and strobe lights will be used as part of the new alarm system.

For soundproofing, Berry said they plan to go above and beyond. “There's a rating that we use in the building code called and STC rating, or Sound Transmission Classification. The Alberta code says we have to have a number of 50. Well, we take it to 55." Berry explained that the STC uses a logarithmic rating, and that this results in a 10-20% increase in noise dampening. Sound protection means they will run increased decibels in the alarm systems. The second story floor will also be entirely soundproofed.

As part of his environmental goals, Berry plans to trap in heat and keep out drafts through his exterior wall designs. This will be done with the help of triple panned exterior windows, and good flooring.

Heavy duty sliding barn doors will be installed in the bathrooms. These sliding doors will utilize proper levered handles, and move easily. Berry called them “senior friendly levered handles”. Suites will also feature “senior friendly” thermostats, with large displays that can be set to show temperatures in Fahrenheit or Celsius. Heating will be done with a hot water radiant system, which according to Berry will provide a larger heating area, and better distribution of heat.

Having finished discussing the suites, Berry then spoke on his plans for the rest of the facility.

Windows will all be awning windows, which will open. Stairwells designs keep fire protection in mind; since the elevators will not work during an emergency, the stairwells provide a large space of refuge. In this type of facility stairwells need to be rated for one hour of fire protection. Berry’s designs allow for two hours of fire protection.

The facility will include air conditioning, which is something the building code requires. Berry called it “similar to the air conditioning used in a car, and designed for wind and heat”.

"In the unlikely event that some time in the future the government mandates a higher level of care, how will this plan adapt?" asked Town Councillor Doug Thornton.

Berry explained that the facility is actually already designed to accommodate level three and level four care. "What gets introduced into it then is infectious disease control. The biggest thing that we would typically go in and do is replace baseboards," said Berry, explaining that all of the structural requirements are already met by his design.

The facility plans include internet, to be delivered by fiber optic cables. Light switches will be included by beds, so that seniors can always turn on the low voltage lights. Cable TV will also be included in each suite.

First floor layout (Berry Architecture image)
According to the plans unveiled during the evening, the new Crestview Lodge is going to be a two elevator building, with a double entrance to one elevator. There will be a small activity room on the main floor. Additionally, the main floor will include a multi-purpose room, a sitting area, a home care and examination room, and a hair salon. There is a great amount of office space on the main floor, to allow Pincher Creek Foundation members to manage their multiple properties. There are two dining rooms drawn up in this plan, a large one which spans both floors, and a smaller family dining room for private events. The main dining room is attached to a kitchen, which includes dry storage, a cooler, and a freezer, and features a doubled size over the current facility's storage space.

Second floor layout (Berry Architecture image)

The second floor includes another activity area, which would be suitable for Sunday worship services, a meeting room, a tub room (listed as a “spa room” in the plans) and a second laundry facility. There are also two listed sites for “green roofs”, which will provide controlled outdoors environments. Berry explained that roof water could be used to water this green roof’s plants, rather than resorting to using potable water when it's unnecessary. "For the rest of the water, we're going to do a storm water management plan on the site, and allow that to drain off," said Berry. "I don't want us to use potable water, drinking water, to water plants. Because you don't need to."

The “flat roof” will be used for the storage of mechanical equipment. Berry called the exterior of the building “low maintenance”, and noted that the building plans allow for higher ceilings on the second floor. As a heat and cost saving measure, second floor windows will offer vistas rather than wide open views.

Site layout (Berry Architecture image)

Berry said construction of the new Crestview Lodge may be finished as early as Spring of 2018, and said he hopes to involve as much local industry as possible. “We're about 50% done working drawings,” he said. Demolition of the old lodge will probably start during the summer of 2016.

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