Saturday, December 12, 2015

Jr Boys Basketball - Halton Hawks thwarted at home

Josh Davis

The Matthew Halton A Hawks basketball teams hosted Kainai and the WCCHS Cobras on the evening of Tuesday December 8. The A2 Hawks came out ahead at the start of the first quarter in their game against Kainai. However, Kainai turned the game around in the second quarter, ultimately winning 61-41. The A1 Hawks lost to their Cobras counterparts in the following game. The Cobras won that game 69-38.

The A2 Hawks held their own in the first quarter against Kainai, eking out a small 16-11 lead. There were a lot of three point shots made by the Hawks, contributing to this lead. #13 Rhys Walper scored four of those points, with three each scored by #3 Ben Mitchell, #6 Conner Ney, #7 Easton Fitzpatrick, and #11 Sam Jordan.

Kainai was far from defeated however, and scored evenly with the Hawks in the second quarter. Walper scored seven points in this quarter, and #8 Sam Noel scored two points. Ben Mitchell scored a single point off of a free throw in this quarter.

Kainai turned things around in the second half of the game, eventually solidifying a twenty point lead. Fitzpatrick scored six points in the second half of the game, with #33 Juwan Yellowhorn scoring five points, Noel and Mitchell scoring two each, and Ney scoring a single point off of a free throw.

The A1 boys had as tough a time in their game against the WCCHS Cobras. The Cobras earned a lead early on in the game, and held it throughout. The Hawks scored six points in the first quarter to the Cobras twelve. Halfway through the game the score was 35-17. The score was 28-50 at the end of the third quarter. The Hawks scored ten points to the Cobras nineteen in the final quarter, for a final  score of 69-38 Cobras.

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