Thursday, December 3, 2015

Jr. Boys Basketball starts at Livingstone with big Sabres win

2015/16 Junior Boys Sabres Basketball Team
Josh Davis

Basketball season has begun! On Tuesday December 1, 2015, Livingstone’s Jr Boys Sabres basketball teams hosted the Claresholm Cobras. Livingstone was in great form for this season opener, winning the game by a wide margin.

The Sabres were in good form on the evening. Every single member of the Sabres made at least one basket throughout the game. #10 Logan and #4 Matthius each scored 12 points throughout the game, #14 Josh McArvin scored 9 points, #23 Ryan S and #22 Matthew F scored six points each, #11 Isaac L and #13 Mattias e scored four points each, and #12 Garrieth K amd #21 Dante E scored two points each. The Sabres made three fouls in the game to the Cobras single foul.

Sabres Coach Everett Nowlin said the Sabre’s success was a result of their routine practice. “Those kids play a lot of basketball here. In the off season you see them in the gym here a lot. They really are gym rats, they’re always playing." Nowlin said he’s working with his team on fundamentals. “We’re just trying to get them started with simple things in basketball, and that’s basically all the time we have for them.”

“I’m pretty happy with the way this went,” said Coach Nowlin of his team’s performance. “They got a little hurried and they were roaming around a little too much, but we’ve only had one practice so far,” he said. “I think we’ll do pretty good in our age group. If we have to play some older kids we’ll probably struggle a little bit, like we did last year. But I think they’ll do pretty good. They know each other, and they’ve played with each other a lot. So they’re pretty familiar with each other.”

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