Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Letters to Santa from Livingstone School

Letters to Santa from Mrs. Larson’s and Ms. Annett’s Grade 1 and 2 Class at Livingstone School.

What I want for Christmas is a Minecraft Logo set and a skateboard. - Casey A. Grade 2

You give such good presents. What is it like at the North Pole? - Clara A. Grade 1

Hi Santa, how is Rudolph? I am really good to my friends, so can you bring me a Meganoy G15 robot? I mean, how is Prancer too? Also, can you bring me a Rudolph sweater? - Brady R. Grade 2

Art by Mary R.
I like your reindeer. I have been good because I have helped my mom wash dishes. May you bring me a flying unicorn? - Mary R. Grade 1

I want a whole entire paint set. I have been good. I hope you can have a Happy New Year! Merry Christmas Santa! - Macey M. - Grade 2

I would like a skateboard please. Oh, and I hope you are good. Christ is the best year and last year I saw your reindeer prints. The reason I deserve because I believe in Santa. - Eva E. Grade 2

I have been really nice to my nanny. Can I have American Barbie carwash doll? - Teytan T. Grade 1

Art by Angela B.
I hope you had a good year and I hope your reindeer got the carrots I gave to you. And Santa, I wanted to know if I can have a ty baby for Abbi and Eva E. Last, all I want is a picture of you and Rudolph. - Angela B. Grade 2

Art by Andrea S.
I would like a doll. I like you Santa!! I feed my cat sometimes! - Andrea S. Grade 1

I would like a zoomer zuppie for Angela and me please, thank you! Because I gave two different stickers to my teachers, I would like a picture of Rudolph. I want proof!!! - Abbi-George B. Grade 2

I like you! I like your suit! I help my mom. I want Pinky the Chihauhau. I hope you have a good
Christmas! - Aurora J. Grade 1

I would like a carribener. If you want to know, it is because I want to carry stuff. I hope you bring me 8 over the carabiners. Can I also have 8 flash lights? - Alex Y. Grade 2
Art by Lincoln G
How are your elves? I would really like a metal slinky in my stocking. I love your reindeer! - Lincoln G. Grade 1

I want Lego Minecraft. I want a light saber. How are your elves this year? How are the toys and how are the reindeer? How are you? - Seth McIntyre Grade 2

Thank you for the presents you gave. Do you have a dog? - Owen F. Grade 1

Art by Stav S.

I help lots of people. Thank you for making Christmas the best day of the year! - Stav S. Grade 1

Thank you for making December the best month! I have been very good. - Mats K. Grade 1

Art by Eva A.

I like your reindeer. Do you have Polar Puppy? Do you like hot chocolate? Please can I have a make a doll? - Eva A. Grade 1

How do you make the presents? What if one of your reindeer broke a leg? Can I have a Lego set for
Christmas? And, can you send a present for someone and thank you, goodbye! - Edward L. Grade 2

I think your reindeer are really cool and they have magical powers. - Owen O. Grade 2

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